Minas Gerais launches ‘sportsbook pilot’ as Brazil sees no clear path for federal regime

Minas Gerais has become the latest Brazilian state to outline its commitment to launching an online gambling and sports betting regime. 

This week the Finance Secretary of Minas Gerais, Brazil’s second most populous state (+22m) allowed state-owned lottery operator Loteria Mineira (LEMG) to launch its ‘sportsbook pilot’ website and mobile app Lotominas.bet.

Developed by Intralot Brasil, LEMG’s ‘sportsbook pilot’ will be tested for a 120 day period and will allow Minas Gerais customers certified by Brazil’s CBF registry to place wagers on sports betting markets and play instant lottery and keno games.

LEMG had been granted first rights by the government of Minas Gerais to test how a licensed sports betting platform could operate for state customers. 

The test launch of Lotominas.bet was accompanied by a campaign which explained – “Lotominas.bet, from Loteria Mineira, is the first officially licensed platform in Brazil. 

“Today we offer various forms of entertainment, such as instant games, sports betting and our already traditional Keno Minas, with the best chances of winnings for the public in Minas Gerais.”

“What you play in Lotominas.bet stays in Minas Gerais!”

Minas Gerais is the third Brazilian state to outline its self-determination to launch an independent online gambling regime, following last year’s failure by the national government to settle on the terms to launch a federally governed gambling and sports betting market.

Speaking at the ICE London 2023 conference, Hazenclever Lopes Cançado, President of LoterJ, the state lottery of Rio de Janeiro, confirmed that a tender for sports betting would be launched in the next 120 days.

Lopes Cançado told delegates that LoterJ was finalising its Terms of Reference‘ – a document that will outline technical requirements to operate LoterJ’s sports betting franchise in Rio de Janeiro.

Cracks are appearing in whether Brazil can commit to a federal mandate for sports betting and online gambling, as in the northeast of Brazil the State of Paraiba approved a decree to launch an independent sports betting regime within its boundaries.  

Taking office in January, Brazil’s new President Lula da Silva has remained tight-lipped on whether the government will commit to launching federal regimes.

Although the senate and congress approved Brazil’s gambling bills were rejected by former President Jair Bolsonaro, who refused to sign them into law.

New sports minister Ana Moser had informed national media that the previous bills would be reviewed and modified to strengthen Brazil’s existing General Sports Law and National Sports Programme.

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