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Today’s Football Tips: Truro tops the list for cash out searches

A study completed by Today’s Football Tips has shown that the Cornish town of Truro is the most likely place for a cashed out bet in the UK.

The study on where users were most likely to search for “cashing out” their bets during the 2016/2017 football season, weighted by the population of 203 UK towns and cities, saw Truro come out on top with an 8.15% rating, while Dorchester (6.30%) and Tewkesbury (6.23%) came in second and third.

Northern Ireland’s leading cash-outers came with sixth placed Dungannon, while Inverness was the highest ranked Scottish town in 24th. Meanwhile, Wales can claim to be the bravest of the home nations, with 47th placed Wrexham their highest representative.

Cashing out a bet is when a player accepts a lower price than the full payout midway through a wager. It is an attractive option for accumulators with several selections where the likelihood of winning the bet is comparatively low to betting on single events.

Of all the towns and cities included in the Today’s Football Tips survey, Rotherham is the least likely place for a cash out, with a “cashout cowardice rating” of just 0.43%.

Today’s Football Tips owner Henry Francis said: “It’s all just a bit of fun really. The data is taken from search engines diagnostic tools and layered over Census data to provide an accurate picture of where folks are most and least likely to cash out a bet.

“Cashing out can, on occasions, be a very wise and relieving thing to do. But it can be extremely painful as well. Nonetheless, I’d always encourage people to be responsible with their gambling and make sure, whatever happens, cash out or not, you’re having fun while you’re doing it.

“The bookies have done an intelligent thing offering cash out, and it’s definitely a big appeal to gamblers to have the option to cut and run with a profit part way through their bet.

“It was no surprise to see places like Rotherham and Doncaster as the bravest, playing up to the (perhaps tired) stereotype of the stiff upper lip.

“For the likes of Truro, Dorchester and Tewkesbury at the top of the cash out league, who knows? Maybe they’re incredibly wise and cashing out for great profits before their bets go awry.”

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