Trump Administration shows no love for New Jersey betting

It appears that the Trump administration has shown its hand with regards to US sports betting, having issued Solicitor General Noel Francisco to file a Supreme Court brief supporting US-pro leagues’ stance against sports betting being legalised in the state of New Jersey.

The brief is a deep blow to New Jersey officials, who this October were granted the right to present ‘oral arguments’ to the US Supreme Court, who have scheduled a hearing date on 4 December.

New Jersey seeks to overturn federal 1992 PASPA provisions, which only allows ‘licensed sports wagering’ in the state of Nevada. However, it now appears that NJ officials will have no assistance from the White House’s legal representative.

For almost a decade New Jersey governance has targeted bringing licensed betting to its ailing Atlantic City casino sector. Time and again, the state has been denied by the US Department of Justice, who declined its latest challenge in late 2015.

Despite talk of progress by US pro-league governances on the matter, the NFL and NHL remain the biggest opponents legalising sports betting, stating that they have not been convinced by plans to legalise sports wagering at a federal level.

In 2017, The new Trump Presidency had been earmarked as a fresh start for US sports betting, with a number of advocates stating that a Republican House and Senate could ease the path of a new federal betting bill.

Prior to taking office, President Trump had stated to US Sports broadcasters that he wanted a discussion on sports betting with all parties involved – leagues, business, polices etc…

Nevertheless, the brief filed by Solicitor General Noel Francisco is the first interaction that the Trump administration has had with regards to legalising betting…US insiders now believe that it back to square one as Trump strikes a familiar note.

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