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Two new languages added to Uplatform igaming platform

Uplatform has added Icelandic and Lingala to its 65+ multi-language sports betting and casino platform, making it more appealing for businesses looking to expand to new markets.

The two new languages, said Uplatform, is the latest move towards the most effective targeted localisation for territories across the globe.

The team at Uplatform understands the importance of language, which is why it is proactively adding new languages to make sure players feel welcome.

However, it is not just translations that make localisation effective, as explained by Uplatform Head of Marketing Maria Bashkevich.

She said: “If content is the king, localisation is the queen that can lead a business to great prosperity. By focusing on global and regionalised preferences and tastes, a successful localisation solution does more than just translate your content; it recreates it in a broader perspective for your brand to expand and personally connect to audiences. 

“Effective localisation solutions provide brands access to a wide range of multiple markets local targets while maintaining a comprehensive, well-known, and all-encompassing global brand identity.

On the need for the most engaging local content, Bashkevich added: “It is not only the popular sports like European football and US basketball that are in demand. For the majority of regions, local content is a must – whether it’s local cricket leagues or betting on Sepak Takraw in Asia. 

“To scale and conquer new markets, you need to cover global championships and popular local leagues and events – like delivering LatAm players lower-tier football leagues they passionately love and follow.”

Meanwhile, the need to localise also extends to presenting the best bonusing strategy. The advantage of the Uplatform solution is that it has “something for everyone”, including popular bonuses such as free spins, cashback, and loyalty programs, as well as those that provide the highest value to the player such as first deposit bonuses.

Finally, Uplatform offers more than 300 different payment options to meet the demands of the players – something often determined by geographical location. 

Bashkevich concluded: “Businesses benefit from having a comprehensive choice of deposit methods that provide additional accessibility, markets, and convenience, with the added ability and versatility to introduce new payment methods based on a market’s needs and requirements.”