BtoBet and Aspire: Mixing emerging market strength with mature market clout

BtoBet‘s acquisition by Aspire Global was an “ideal match” for both companies, who have found a mutual balance in each other to achieve their goals.

That was the view of BtoBet founder Alessandro Fried, who explained that his company has gained a partner to quickly reach markets missing from its global footprint, while Aspire has filled an important gap for its own B2B product set.

“There are two aspects that were fundamental,” he said. “Aspire Global was seeking to increase its B2B product offering to their customers, but was missing one of the industry’s most important verticals – sportsbook. It’s one of the most important in terms of market requirements, but also from a revenue generation point of view. 

“From our side we were looking to have a partner that would push us quickly to markets which we were still missing in our global footprint. So all in all, this acquisition was the ideal match with both companies finding a mutual balance in each other to achieve their goals.”

Fried later downplayed the idea of BtoBet losing its identity within the Aspire Group, adding: “The company will definitely continue to uphold its identity as a leading brand on the market, maintaining its own organisational chart, and pursuing a strategy that for the past years has characterised it and put it apart from the competition. The relationship with our partners, the way that we deliver our services and assist all operators, will remain unaltered.

“Nonetheless, there is no denying that with BtoBet now forming part of this larger group our partners can expect to have major innovative solutions put at their disposal deriving from an increased investment capacity, and at the same time accessing additional content and products that constitute the group’s portfolio.”

Elaborating on how the deal opens doors to new markets, he said: “The group will have an incredible market cover, with BtoBet leading the way in emerging markets such as Africa and Latin America, and Aspire Global playing a leading role in more mature and new markets such as Europe or the US.”

The more mature markets, Fried admitted, require a significant amount of investment and a high level of influence to gain access to the industry’s larger operators and bookmakers. 

“In this sense Aspire Global was the perfect match for us, with the group offering stability and carrying a lot of clout in the betting and gambling industry on a global level,” he said.

“Aspire Global’s iGaming (PAM) platform is already certified in the US and other major markets, and this means that BtoBet with its sportsbook product can now gain immediate access to these yet uncharted markets for the company. 

“This is what we ultimately expect from this new chapter… gaining a strong entry to these new regions that still do not offer a lot of technological alternatives comparable to the ones that we offer today, and take the opportunity to bring to market a complete product covering all the elements of the iGaming value chain.”

Fried concluded: “BtoBet’s acquisition by Aspire Global is testimony of the success and potential that the company keeps in hold. It all boils down to the sheer determination and talent of each and every member that forms part, and has formed part in the past, of this incredible and fast growing company. This new chapter will mark the perfect opportunity for the company to reach new heights, and we all must evaluate this as another step towards achieving a great group result.”

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