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Oddsgate: committed to sustainable growth in LatAm and Brazil

Igaming and sports betting platform and software developer Oddsgate has been highly active in LatAm, specifically the emerging Brazilian market. Tiago Almeida and Mario Silva discuss some of the key considerations for indigenous operators and market entrants.

SBC: First off, talk us through the background of Oddsgate’s Work in Brazil 

Tiago Almeida: Many of our team members worked as senior executives in some of the most successful software suppliers that initiated the transformational approach to the region, shifting retail operations to the top-notch online first approach that exists today. Consequently, Oddsgate is a young company with cutting-edge fresh technology but has been introduced to Brazil’s needs and opportunities for almost 15 years, providing a comprehensive platform for operators to launch sports betting and casino operations.  

Mário Silva: Our focus has been on delivering cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique needs of the Brazilian market based on our deep knowledge of its specificities. 

Using that experience, we have developed a unique approach with a secure, robust, and scalable platform that ensures a seamless gaming experience for operators and players. 

SBC: What are your expectations from a regulated market in Brazil 

Tiago Almeida: We anticipate several positive outcomes from a fully-regulated market in Brazil.  The regulatory framework provides a level playing field, fostering fair competition, and enhancing consumer protection.  

The approval of the regulatory framework demonstrates a commitment to a transparent and accountable gaming industry. Our experience with the European regulated markets, where our headquarters are located, allowed our team to fully understand what players and operators will need to successfully dive into the regulated market, leading to sustainable growth. 

SBC: What’s your view on adaptation to the Brazil market and forging local partnerships there? 

Mário Silva: Oddsgate has established strong partnerships with local entities to adapt to the Brazilian market. These partnerships help us navigate the regulatory landscape, understand local preferences, and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. By collaborating with local experts, we enhance our ability to tailor our offerings to the specific needs of the Brazilian audience. 

SBC: And why should Latin American operators look to be engaging with European software experts? 

Tiago Almeida: Engaging with European software experts is crucial for Latin American operators seeking to develop their presence in these emerging markets. European expertise brings experience navigating complex regulatory environments and implementing best practices in the gaming industry. Drawing lessons from successful regulatory experiences can provide valuable insights for Latin American operators to build a sustainable and compliant business. But the real challenge is then to adapt all these best practices to the context of each market, specifically to  the Brazilian one and the LatAm markets in general. 

SBC: What have been your most popular offerings in Brazil and what has proved most successful?

Mário Silva: Oddsgate’s most popular offerings in Brazil include a diverse range of sports betting and casino games with exclusive content. Our platform’s stability and user-friendly interface have resonated well with the Brazilian audience. Live betting options and localized promotions have also contributed to the success of Oddsgate in the Brazilian market. 

A crucial aspect of our success is that at Oddsgate, we pride ourselves on being unwavering and uncompromising regarding database protection and security.  

Tiago Almeida: Our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information is paramount, and we employ ruthless diligence in implementing state-of-the-art security measures. With this intransigent approach, we leave no room for compromise, ensuring that our database protection  practices adhere to the highest industry standards. 

Our clients’ and their customers’ trust and confidence are of utmost importance, and we spare no effort in fortifying our systems against potential threats. Through relentless dedication to security protocols, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data entrusted to us. 

Our adherence to industry standards substantiates our dedication to database protection and security. With certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10002:2018, ISO 27001:2022, and ISO 22301:2019, along with GLI 19 and 33 validations, we provide living and definitive proof of our commitment to excellence. 

At Oddsgate, we go beyond industry expectations, ensuring that our security practices meet and exceed the stringent requirements set forth by these esteemed standards and validations. Technical compliance is paramount to our organization, and our plan for 2024 anticipates a continued approach to many European-regulated markets. 

SBC: Tell us more about your expansion plans in Latin America 

Tiago Almeida: Oddsgate is actively considering expansion into other markets. We continuously evaluate opportunities in different countries, considering regulatory developments, market size, and growth potential. While Brazil remains a key focus, we also explore partnerships and market entry strategies for other promising markets. Some Latin American markets may be one of those. 

SBC: What are the main benefits for international start-ups in Latin America?

Mário Silva: Latin America presents a unique set of opportunities for international start-ups. A growing tech-savvy population and an increasing interest in online gaming characterize the region. Oddsgate brings innovative, secure, compliant, and stable solutions to the area, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experiences. 

International start-ups can benefit from the region’s untapped potential by collaborating with  established players, adapting to local preferences, and offering tailored solutions that address specific market needs. This approach fosters business growth and contributes to the overall development of the gaming industry in Latin America.

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