Better Collective Spotlight: How is driving engagement through YouTube

For this month’s Better Collective spotlight, SBC had a chat with Kyriakos Fourniadis, Director Greece & Romania and Theo Riganis, Director of Thessaloniki from Better Collective’s Greek flagship brand, to discuss the ways the brand utilises YouTube talk shows, and how this helps drive engagement and retention.

The brand has accrued a large social media presence over the last few years, having amassed more than 54,600 subscribers on its YouTube channel since its inception during the 2018 World Cup. We discussed how has used this platform to grow brand awareness.

SBC: Can you explain a bit about the strategy and structure behind the YouTube channel?

The core idea is to create interesting content that both entertains and engages our users and followers. To be able to attract awareness to the site from relevant target groups in these fragmented media times, you need to have a clear content strategy and ensure that the content you publish is of high quality. 

We have invested heavily in building a professional recording setup i.e. we record and produce the talk shows in a professional recording studio. Through the YouTube channel, we gain lots of visitors to our website where the users can find more information, details, news stories and offers from our partners.

SBC: How do you use the platform to engage with your followers?

Our flagship programme is called Betarades Guest. Here, we invite public persons such as sports celebrities to join our show and to talk about everything from sports events to personal stories and everyday situations. The most important aspect is that the show has to be entertaining and have an edge. 

Our viewers have the opportunity to ask questions to the guests at the end of every show. This way, the show becomes very interactive and the viewers get a feeling of being closer to the brand and celebrities – this is something they enjoy and something that brings value to our business.     

SBC: How do you earn media coverage on the shows? 

The strategy is to create entertaining content and news stories with an edge that is also interesting for the Greek media. Once the talk show is recorded we pitch the show to relevant media. This has proved to be a valuable setup for all parties as the media gets access to high-quality produced content that is relevant for their readers while Betarades gets extra exposure in the media.  

SBC: What value does the programme bring to your business?  

We are able to engage and retain our followers which is very valuable to our business. Being able to activate our users and followers strengthens the relationship between the players and our brand. When Greek media also publish the talk show through their media channels, we increase the awareness of our brand and hence attract more visitors to our site.

And not to forget: We are having a lot of fun recording the shows which sparks great energy to the team.

To read some of the media coverage from the show, click here.

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