SBC News Anna Poghosyan, BetConstruct: harmony amid the chaos

Anna Poghosyan, BetConstruct: harmony amid the chaos

BetConstruct has found a neat way to translate chaos into harmony”, the company’s Head of Business Development Anna Poghosyan told SBC News, as she discussed the company’s new  igaming platform, Spring, and its igaming console, SpringBME

Ahead of ICE next week, Poghosyan gave us a sneak peak of what we can expect from BetConstruct at the event before explaining why the company is seeking to “ unearth potential for unexpected opportunities” in the local African market.

SBC: It’s been a while since we were all at the ExCel for ICE. How have you been preparing for this year’s event?

Indeed, it’s been two long years with no ICE. At first sight, just enough time to ponder and reconsider a lot, yet still, it feels like there is never enough time. BetConstruct is absorbed in bustling activity, all are ICE preparations that started back in mid-September. 

It’s no easy task for such an igaming conglomerate as BetConstruct to narrow down all its products and projects into one single idea. But this time, ironically enough, it was on the surface. The message To Harmony is closely linked to our key products and services. So we rounded up everything to touch that concept. 

The last thing our partners would need in times like these is their business facing pitfalls. That’s why we’ve been working to take our software to the next level with the goal to provide ultimate comfort of use for both the operators and their players.

SBC: Can you tell us a bit about what you are showcasing at ICE 2022?

Launching a business is chaotic. Especially an igaming business. Set the technical part aside, and you are still left with legal matters, paperwork, marketing etc. BetConstruct found a neat way to translate this chaos into harmony. At ICE London we will be avidly promoting our complete igaming platform Spring and our igaming console SpringBME. 

While all native products, alongside 3rd party integrations from nearly 200 developers, harmoniously coexist on the platform, SpringBME allows operators to create an igaming website, access and activate all those products and services via a single dashboard. Backing this vision are our products which are more than 30 and 20+ services. 

The focal point will naturally be our event-heavy Sportsbook that was a top revenue generator even at the quietest times in the sporting world during 2020. Same achievements were scored by our Live Casino that has grown strong and proud enough to become a separate brand called CreedRoomz. 20+ games, 150+ tables and a full package of unique solutions for live and land-based casinos. Another focal point will be our plan of further expansion in Africa. We are looking to unearth potential for unexpected opportunities in the local market.

SBC: What are you most looking forward to?   

We are really in anticipation of ICE. The moment we learnt about the date being postponed til April was almost heartbreaking. On the other hand, it will be an exciting experience for the regional teams coming from 16 offices to visit London in spring. 

The whole industry missed the show. Video calls, chats, endless email threads, even the virtual event platforms like the one of our own production, could never replace face-to-face conversations and networking. We are looking forward to coming together on the hot days of ICE. 

SBC: Tell us a little bit about CreedRoomz, how will this help bring live casino to the fore?

The popularity of live games grows exponentially. If just a few years ago the niche was emerging, now it’s in full swing and at the fore. Players – both converted from other igaming entertainment and those who came to chase the thrill of Vegas or Manila – see the potential and crave for more. 

The passive period of pandemic restrictions and precautions really allowed us to step up our game and introduce CreedRoomz with a new elegant atmosphere, flexible controls for operators and maximum entertainment for players. The results were mind blowing right away. 68% player base growth among the operators who have our CreedRoomz activated in their casinos. And the brand already has a major achievement in the form of GLI certification making CreedRoomz available to operations in the Swedish market. 

SBC: What can we expect from BetConstruct for the remainder of this year? Are there any markets which are going to be a particular focus for you?  

We will push our SpringBME as a mecca of igaming attracting more startup operators to launch and manage their businesses via the console in absolute comfort and harmony. Of course we are looking forward to more B2B partnerships, it has always been our approach – to provide all possible igaming content via a single point of touch that is our Spring Platform. 

CreedRoomz grows daily and ICE will be an excellent opportunity for the brand promotion. We are certain it will be a wild success. Though BetConstruct continues receiving more licences and certificates in the European market, our eyes are set on Africa this year. We’ve been active in the region for years, now we are revisiting the same location with more localized offers. In the end, wherever BetConstruct goes our core values remain the same – providing comfort and harmony for any type of operation.

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