SBC News NSoft: Doing business in Q3 2021

NSoft: Doing business in Q3 2021

NSoft is on the right track towards successfully completing this financial year-end, writes Dražan Planinic, COO at NSoft, who gives us a breakdown of the numbers for this quarter. 

The third quarter of the year is generally the slowest one – in terms of, well, everything. We are vacationing, building our immune system by the sea, lake, mountain. It’s the heat of the summer season. Still, the numbers show that our business is steadily growing. 

If we compare the total stake in Q3 2021 to the same quarter in 2020 we see a significant increase of 9%. The growth results from a clear business strategy, quality client portfolio and constant improvements in our product portfolio. The promising results and proven business strategy have assured us that we’re on the right track towards successfully completing this financial year-end.

Online casino – a new niche to conquer 

We did our due diligence! Casino world, hello from NSoft! 

We have formed a Casino team out of the most experienced seniors to set the ground for further development in this area. Prior to setting an effective strategy, the team has analysed the market, talked to the clients, did an analytic survey and in-depth interviews with the relevant stakeholders and focus groups. The overall process resulted in the development of the on-demand casino game Slingshot 6 that celebrates the Lucky Six legacy and twelve video slot games at the moment. 

The video slots feature well-known topics, such as pirate treasure hunt, Egyptian mythology, and Atlantis theme, just to name a few. In addition, we have also made slots covering some very market-specific themes such as derby between life-long rivals from Belgrade, Serbia: Partizan FC and Crvena Zvezda FC. The Everlasting Derby (Večiti derbi) is a video slot made exclusively for long-term client, Balkan Bet.

The personalised slot offers content relevant to the players of the specific market. Exceptional backend combined with our modular iGaming platform and a dedicated in-house team of designers, animators, and frontend developers allows us to create the next level of personalised video slots. We see this as an excellent opportunity for market penetration and delivery of much needed customised, exciting content to the punters. 

Sportsbook platform 

Talking about further development, we continue to invest time and resources into our Sportsbook platform. Sportsbook recorded steady growth and remains one of our top priorities in business development. As announced in Q2, new features are on the way, including Optimove KYC system integration. Push notification feature is another novelty that will give our clients a new, valuable communication channel. 

Platform integration expands our footprint, and we are happy to have some new partners on board. One of the most recent deals is the one with BetConstruct. According to the agreement, BetConstruct will make NSoft’s well-known and ever-popular virtual betting games portfolio available to its customers. Draw based games and virtual racers like NSoft’s flagship Lucky Six or Greyhound races will now be catching the players’ attention on BetConstruct clients’ betting sites.  

Stark growing strong 

Recently we have celebrated the 6th anniversary of Stark Solutions, our sister company. The premium betting terminals manufacturer entered into the Q4 2021 with one more milestone reached. Stark’s partner SUZOHAPP presented Stark’s best-seller, T-1000 terminal, to the US operators. At the beginning of this month, an all-white T-1000 self-service betting terminal was presented at the G2E Las Vegas show. Negotiations with potential customers who fell in love with this state-of-the-art piece of hardware have already started.

Industry recognition

Q3 2021 brought us one more pleasant surprise in the form of an impressive seven nominations for the prestigious industry recognition: SBC Awards Latinoamerica 2021. We have been shortlisted in the categories: Sportsbook Supplier of the Year, Bingo & Lottery Supplier of the Year, Platform Provider of the Year, Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product, Virtual Sports Supplier, Employer of the Year and Leader of the Year. 

In addition to this shortlisting, we have received more good news at the beginning of this month. Namely, the jury of the SBC Award 2021 has chosen to put NSoft name among the best companies in four categories. In December, NSoft will be competing for SBC Award 2021 in the categories: Sportsbook Supplier of the Year,  Live Betting Product, Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product and Virtual Sports Supplier.

It is going to be a very exciting holiday season!

Live events are back! And we are happy about it!

During Q3 2021, our Sales staff attended a few industry events in person – not just behind their laptops. We have been in Amsterdam at iGB Live, SiGMA gathering and SBC Summit in Barcelona, and this was a nice change and reminder of pre-covid times. Still, the organisers and the attendees are both cautious, as we all should be. However, we praise the opportunities to meet in person with friends, partners, potential customers and industry professionals.

Online can never fully address our needs for human contact. The fact is that we laugh harder, talk to each other clearly and finally do business better when we sit with the person at the same table.

In this last quarter of the year, our colleagues already attended G2E Las Vegas and SBC Summit Latinoamerica, which gave us valuable insight into vast markets as well as some new contacts and business prospects. 

Education, education, education

In the end, let’s finish the overview with the people. After all, we are what we are thanks to the people who invest their knowledge, ingenuity and flair into everyday business. We genuinely believe in the power of knowledge and heavily invest in it. Some of the activities we have conducted during the course of Q3 2021 were NSoft Summership, an internship programme for students, a workshop for the Support operators, and an internal workshop: Communication skills 2.0 for all employees. Regular online courses and education are part of our everyday life. 

An initiative we have started in Q3, and that is currently in motion, is Sales Boot Camp. NSoft is growing, and consequently, we are in constant search of candidates with a quite specific skill set. Sales Boot Camp is a clever way to groom prospective candidates through month-long, intense training.

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