BetBooster: Providing pre-match and in-play engagement boost through LSports

BetBooster, an automated betting stimulation service developed by LVision and solely distributed by LSports, is generating close to 100,000 bets on average each month for its sportsbook partners.

The product produces targeted sports insights for sports bettors, seamlessly mixed into the traditional sportsbook layout, with the information based on historical data, live incidents and AI analysis – covering both pre-match and in-play markets.

As part of a product demo for SBC News, LVision’s Product Manager Elior Albachari disclosed that – based on constant monitoring for its major customers – the sports insights are generating a monthly average of 70-75,000 pre-match bets placed and 15-20,000 in-play bets.

It’s interesting to see that pre-match has taken the lead, going against the global trend of dominance for in-play markets – something which LSports continues to analyse.

The extra bets generated, said Albachari, have helped its pool of clients including EuropeBet and STS to grow both turnover and total volume of bets by 15%.

“The product itself can support both pre-match and in-play markets,” he explained. “We send dozens of tips during each game so that the user is always engaged. The information regarding the match – whether it’s about a player receiving a red card, a goal or substitution – can always be communicated back to the bettors in the forms of betting tips.”

To explain how its impact is assessed, he added: “We can analyse the number of bets placed via the BetBooster through two parts – the first is through A/B Testing. With assistance from our partners, we carried out tests to show how users behave with and without the BetBooster.

“We have seen that the product, and the stimulation provided by the betting tips, has brought about a significant increase in engagement among users. There is also a large increase in the number of bets and stakes placed, leading to the impact on turnover.”

The second way is full scale monitoring of the product. According to Albachari, the product is analysed in every possible way, from the amount of unique users that placed bets to popular markets within specific sports, hourly distribution of users activity and many more metrics. 

He explained: “Information is the key, and if it can be measured and tracked for the long run, it makes a huge value for our customers.”

BetBooster can be delivered as a widget or as an API, allowing the product to be integrated into a sportsbook platform as a web component through just three lines of code.

Albachari confirmed that BetBooster already comes with full betslip integration across football, tennis and basketball, as well as the most recent addition – ice hockey. 

However, we also learned that four sports will soon become five through the integration of baseball tips, as part of a concerted effort to target popular US sports.

“The great news is that a few weeks ago, we launched our ice hockey offering,” confirmed Albachari. “We are also in the final stages of launching our baseball tips – this will be the fifth sport for our BetBooster product. After that, we are planning to keep expanding the product and make it even more engaging. 

“It will also go even deeper to include more sophisticated features such as combo bets, push notifications, personalised promotions and, at some point, outrights tips. If today BetBooster can guide users to bet on the winner of specific matches from the Euro 2020, soon it will assist everyone to pick their Wimbledon winner, or even the next champion in the Premier League.” 

SBC News first delved into the BetBooster earlier this year with Ido Lazar, CEO and co-founder of LVision, who took us through the evolution of the product, which first came to fruition when he realised the company was sitting on an “endless amount of unique data” across many sports.

Lazar explained how the technology quickly learns player habits and behaviours, for example when players click on markets, sports or add selections to their betslip. This personalised recommendation system means that if two players visit the same website, it’s very likely that they will see different insights and recommendations.

He also touched upon the importance of fast integration, noting that operators are unwilling to invest too much time integrating products – regardless of how much they might like it.

“We solved this time issue with our widget,” he said. “It fits like a glove and can be integrated within hours. There is no back end integration, which can be the most painful part. It’s only a front-end integration. We give you three lines of code to put into your front end. And that’s it!”

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