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Jeff Summers, Operations Director at Translation100, explains where the nuances reside for translation work in the igaming industry and why its recruitment process must be flexible to service most of the industry’s key territories.

SBC: How nuanced are translations for an igaming website?  

JS: Overall, I would say igaming websites use common words that are not specifically nuanced. However, there are some like ‘Bonus’, ‘Bank Account’ (often referred to as a Bank Roll) or ‘Dealer’, and some other terms like that which can’t just be directly translated into other languages as in the scope of igaming these words have slightly different meanings. So that is where some of the nuances reside.

SBC: In terms of recruitment, do you insist upon demonstrable experience in the gambling industry?

JS: During the application process to work with Translation100, we require translators to provide samples of similar work so that we can review it. Alternatively, for those people who don’t have experience, we work with them to help them understand the igaming space and the words/concepts they need to be mindful of when translating.

SBC: How flexible is this recruitment process – are you looking for people to develop industry expertise over time, or is it just a case of making new hires where you are getting interest, or to suit target markets from your partners?

JS: We do a mixture. If we have certain projects forthcoming that could exhaust our current talent pool (because of the amount of work needed), we might advertise and bring on more translators. Otherwise, we try to build up a pool of a few translators per language, with more translators for some languages because of the amount of requests we get.

SBC: How many territories does your current pool of translators cover? 

SBC News Translation100: Global content coverage with an igaming stamp
Jeff Summers, Translation100

JS: We cover most territories, with the exception of parts of South America. 

SBC: Putting aside ongoing projects such as blog or news content, what about those where you build a set of translations to launch a website. How does this work in terms of the post-live phase? 

JS: For the first part of these types of projects, we get the list of content to be translated from the client and provide those translations. Obviously, with website development, there are often additional small requests for additional button text, disclaimers, etc. 

For those additional aspects we work with the client to either get them done quickly (if it is a few words) or we would start a new project if we are talking about another few pages of content. We also provide support if there are issues found in the translations where we may not have understood the context of the page the content would be covering.

SBC: How closely do you work with partners in terms of website presentation? Are you asked to consider the placement of text so you can find the right balance between literal translation, engaging language and how it actually lines up on the page?  

JS: We can certainly do that. However, we haven’t had any requests that specific as of yet. But we are certainly able to work on that.

SBC: And finally what’s your view on SEO from a translation perspective? How well versed are your staff in hitting key words/phrases within their translation work?

JS: This is a fairly common request. For these types of requests, we just need to know the word(s)/keyword(s) the client wants to have a particular focus on. Then we can ensure that we include them in the translated versions of the content.

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