Tom Seymour, Durham CCC

Tom Seymour – Durham CCC – BOS Speaker – A growing betting market for limited overs cricket

Tom Seymour
Tom Seymour, Durham CCC.

Bookmakers are using a range of sports for marketing purposes, but which sports are proving to be the best, and most accommodating, partners?

Tom Seymour of Durham County Cricket Club (CCC) will be speaking on the ‘Different Ball Game’ panel at Betting on Sports. As Commercial Director for one of the leading clubs in the country, Seymour is well placed to deliver expert insight on his sport.

We caught up with him to discuss the partnership deal they have with Winner Sports, and find out how he thinks cricket can make itself more appealing to a wider audience.

SBC: In June 2016, Durham CCC announced Winner Sports as its new official betting partner; as a club, how have you benefited from this so far?

TS: Our partnership with Winner Sports has been fantastic. We have benefited from them offering the best odds on Durham CCC winning cricket matches, as well as other unique markets. It’s been great to have an official betting partner at Durham and certainly something we will look to develop further.

SBC: As the Commercial Director of a major cricket club, have you found betting companies to be overly focused on football marketing?

TS: Yes, but I can understand that the football industry is huge and therefore there are a lot of different and engaging markets for punters. There is certainly a growing betting market in cricket, and more people are becoming interested in the limited overs format, especially the T20 game which offers a variety of entertaining betting options. The cricket betting market will no doubt continue to develop.

SBC: How do you think cricket can make itself more appealing to sports betting operators?

TS: As mentioned previously, cricket will certainly benefit from the T20 format, as punters can get quick-fire outcomes such as highest run-scoring batsman, as well as the outcome being decided in around three hours. It’s difficult to market betting odds for the long form, red ball game as it’s tricky to gather value for something that will potentially take four or five days.

The limited overs format offers a much more user-friendly, fun and interactive market, and by offering odds on the number of sixes, wickets and runs it presents punters with a very interesting in-play market – perhaps even better than football!

SBC: You are speaking at BOS on how betting can partner with sport to reach a new audience; what do you want delegates to take away from your session?

TS: Offering excellent betting odds gives the game another dimension, and could interest sports fans who perhaps aren’t necessarily cricket fans. Their decision to bet on what looks like a profitable market could enhance their passion for cricket, and therefore they decide to buy a ticket and watch the sport live in the long term.

Ultimately we want cricket to become more engaging for a younger market, especially targeting 20 to 30-year-olds. A fresh, streamlined and easy-to-use betting market will really help the product grow.


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