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Kelly BOS 2Kelly Eden is Head of TXTRADER at TXODDS, a key event and single session sponsor for the upcoming Betting on Sports Conference in London. The two-day conference is the largest of its kind within the sports betting industry, and takes place in September (15-16) at the 5-star Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

TXODDS is a data company, who specialise in the aggregation and global distribution of real time betting odds. We caught up with Eden to discuss which conference debates they are most looking forward to, and why he feels Betting on Sports is a ‘must attend’ for everyone connected with the sports betting industry.

SBC: What do you find most appealing about Betting on Sports?

KE: As a sponsor of Betting on Football conference for the last couple of years and the Matchbook Traders Conference, the Betting on Sports is simply a must to everyone associated in all areas of the sports betting industry.

Being held over two days is a big plus, allowing more topics, speakers and of course more networking time. Having everything under one roof is also fantastic.

As the largest industry event, it will be a busy two days for meeting new potential customers, new areas within the industry, and the chance for people to find out more about TXODDS, other companies and the people behind the scenes.

SBC: What are you looking forward to being debated in the conference area?

KE: With over 50 speakers across the two days, there is plenty to look forward to. I’m particularly looking forward to the recent Brexit talk, and the impact it will have on the gambling industry. Harry Lang from Pinnacle (Speaking on Day 1) will also be very interesting.

On a personal level, TXODDS has sponsored “Predicting the future of Sports Betting” on Day 1, so we’re looking forward to hearing from Fabio Schiavolin of SNAI. As a data company ourselves, ‘How to use big data to predict sporting outcomes’ is a strong finale for the first day.

On Day 2, I want to see how far E-Sports has progressed in the past 6 months. There are a couple sessions, ‘E-Marketing’ and two separate sessions on virtual sports, that should be interesting. Finally, with the so called decline in certain areas within horse-racing, the session on ‘How important is horse racing to the UK market’ should prove popular.

SBC: How can the betting industry make itself more appealing to wider sports consumers and stakeholders?

KE: Advertising, branding, publicity and cost are the main selling points to people outside the betting industry. Years ago, betting companies were not given a second glance, but such has been the emergence of sports betting since the internet was founded, it’s almost impossible to avoid the betting industry on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other advertising sources.

SBC: Apart from football, what do you think is the most interesting thing to bet on?

KE: A question that would get you a different answer from each individual. Personally my main sport is football betting, 24-7 and 365 days a year. Whether it’s betting on a game because of value, stats, information or team news. I use ratings systems on sports that I am betting on; golf is a decent sport to bet and trade on, and tennis has also become more popular.

TV and reality show betting is also proving to be very profitable in the last couple of years. At the end of the day, people will bet on a certain sport where they believe they have an edge to win, rather than what’s more interesting to bet on. As an example, I find NFL and F1 interesting, but could count the amounts of bets I’ve had on both sports over the years.

SBC: What does the rest of 2016 have in-store for you?

KE: Continued success for TXODDS, as the company grows and expands its coverage, product range and various different services. The new smartphones applications on Android and IOS have been a big success. The new odds comparison application has been launched as well as a new TXTRADER application.

On a personal level, introducing more sports into the OCI Reports and Information. 99% is football related, but in the last 10 months we have added women’s tennis matches, which has a very high winning percentage. The plan is for more sports to be added in the near future, with key information and vital news on specialized sports.

And as always, a profitable season for everyone associated.


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