Culturally Relevant & Compliant: Clever Advertising’s Approach to User Acquisition

Culturally Relevant & Compliant: Clever Advertising’s Approach to User Acquisition

Marcos Oliveira, Chief Operating Officer at Clever Advertising, a digital performance agency, and acquisition partner for many of the industry’s leading operators, sat down with SBC Media ahead of his appearance at this month’s global betting and iGaming show, SBC Summit Barcelona.

The panel hosting the company’s COO will essentially give the audience an opportunity to ask the affiliates on stage anything they want, thus forming an opportunity to discuss what truly matters to them – their pain points, challenges, strategies, ideas, and more.

Throughout the interview, Oliveira spoke about the markets of interest for Clever Advertising, the differences across user preferences in regions, attracting non-traditional bettors, compliance standards, their content division BOLD, and their AddApp division.

SBC: Considering that our Barcelona show is a global event, and you have a presence in multiple markets, could you please elaborate on the specific markets that hold your primary focus?

Marcos Oliveira: Depending on the specific service we are discussing, our media buying focus is on the African markets, with particular emphasis on Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa as their focus. Our SEO channel aligns with this focus. As for our influencers channel, we are expanding its reach to Canada, India, and Angola. Finally, our AddAPP solution demonstrated solid growth and is extending its operations globally. 

SBC: With a strong presence in both Europe and Latin America, I’m curious about the insights you’ve gathered regarding the main differences in audience preferences across these regions. 

MO: I can give your four key points that will sum up the differences between these regions: content, regulation, payment methods, language, and community styles.

When making a direct comparison, culturally diverse Europe exhibits varying languages, sports, and regulatory landscapes that influence iGaming content consumption. In contrast, Latin America’s cultural unity around football (soccer) shapes a more consistent preference for betting. 

The variation in regulations impacts accessibility in Europe, while Latin America’s evolving regulations foster distinct marketing strategies. Europe’s established financial systems contrast with Latin America’s diverse, alternative payment methods.

While both regions embrace mobile technology, platform preferences differ, and social dynamics and community engagement styles vary. Therefore, language and content localisation remain vital for connecting with Europe’s multilingual populace and Latin America’s Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking audience. 

SBC: You work with media buying, SEO, PPC and Influencers – all pretty traditional methods. However, could you elaborate on how your company approaches attracting non-traditional bettors or gamblers who may not fit the conventional profile? 

MO: Our iGaming-focused media agency expertly adapts its approach based on the channel, recognising the varying degrees of flexibility. In channels like media buying, PPC, and our AddAPP solution, we closely adhere to clients’ regulations and compliance standards. Excelling in these areas, we pinpoint audience whereabouts, ensure precise display, and uphold brand performance sensitivities. 

On the other hand, within the Bold influencer and SEO channels, we unlock the potential for tailored content. We curate localised, educational, socially responsible, and innovative content that uniquely resonates. These platforms provide space for interactive and engaging material, enriching the user experience. 

This tailored strategy embraces the diversity of audience preferences and regulatory requirements across different channels, resulting in a comprehensive iGaming outreach.

SBC: Back in May, you introduced BOLD, a content division. Could you provide further insights into this initiative and its progress in meeting its targets thus far?

MO: Our content division, BOLD, is experiencing remarkable progress, garnering enthusiastic reception from our partners, and surpassing set targets. Notably, the BOLD onboarding is one of our most meticulous processes, owing to our uncompromising adherence to high compliance standards, influencer collaboration, and vigilant monitoring. This division has not only provided our design and motion graphics team with a platform to showcase their brilliance but has also generated exceptional and engaging content. 

Following its venture in Latin America, BOLD’s success story is now extending its reach to Africa and Asia. This expansion reflects the unit’s prowess in crafting content that resonates across diverse markets while maintaining the highest quality standards.

SBC: In light of increasing restrictions and compliance measures, how does your company maintain its innovative edge and effectively attract audiences while remaining compliant?

MO: The core of our company’s culture revolves around the balance between our people, our ability for innovation and our compliance stance. 

Our innovation-driven culture thrives on exploring new ideas, formats, and platforms that resonate with audiences, all while upholding compliance considerations. We analyse the regulatory landscape to ensure a proactive understanding of its nuances and adapt swiftly to its changes. 

We view compliance as a collaborative endeavour, and our approach is steeped in understanding the nuances of individual markets, allowing us to create content that remains both compliant and culturally relevant. This dual focus on compliance and local engagement forms our approach, enabling us to strike the delicate balance between creativity and adherence. Compliance requirements work in our favour.

SBC: What aspects do you believe have room for improvement in negotiations between affiliates and operators, particularly regarding revenue models, transparency, and trust? MO:

At Clever, our operational foundation is built upon transparency and trust. Partner selection is essential, and we’re proud to prioritise those who share our values. We dedicate significant time and effort to tailor our services to our partners’ unique needs, recognising that fostering a relationship based on these values is paramount for a sustainable, and enduring collaboration. Our commitment to these principles ensures our negotiations are not only fair but also set the stage for long-term success and prosperity.

SBC: As we look ahead to the rest of the year, could you provide insights into the exciting plans or initiatives your company has in store? 

MO: We’re thrilled with the expansion of our AddApp division, which is our unit dedicated to in-app advertising. Initially integrated within our media buying channel, AddApp has flourished to such an extent that it now merits a dedicated unit to fully unleash its global potential. 

AddApp not only grasps market behaviour but also intimately comprehends product consumption trends, ensuring our clients’ offerings align with user needs from end to end. Our ability to discern, adapt, and innovate within the mobile app realm reflects our commitment to innovation, tailored excellence, and client success on a global scale.

Marcos Oliveira will be speaking on the ‘Affiliates Open Mic – Ask the affiliate anything’ panel, which is part of the ‘Affiliate Focus’ conference track at SBC Summit Barcelona. 

The panel is scheduled for 20 September, from 15:40-16:20. Go to the official SBC Summit Barcelona website to purchase a full-event pass that gives you access to 7 conference stages, as well as the exhibition and the evening networking parties. Groups of three or more people can purchase a ticket at a discounted rate (€200 off per person). 

Are you an affiliate? Apply for a complimentary affiliate pass here.

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