SBC News Dotan Lazar: LSports - Technology over human eyes... no room for error

Dotan Lazar: LSports – Technology over human eyes… no room for error

It’s been an incredible 10th anniversary year so far for LSports, according to CEO and Co-Founder Dotan Lazar, with some big developments on the product front and much more to follow.

SBC: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. 2022 has been a busy year so far; how have the first six months been for LSports?

Dotan Lazar (CEO of LSports): Incredible.  We’ve done a lot this year, from signing a sponsorship deal with an Israeli Basketball team, our 10th-year anniversary celebrations, to the tremendous progress we made with our products. STM, our Sports Trading Manager, saw the addition of new features and the enhancement of our coverage, now larger than ever. We’ve also added new sports to BetBooster, our AI betting tips generator, now offering over 10 popular sports and counting.

There’s still much to be done, with a lot of exciting announcements coming up this year.

SBC: You’ve revealed your newest technology, a ‘Computer Vision-based feed’, which promises to change the future of data. How will this sports data feed help your operator partners expand their market offerings?

DL: It’s simple. Technology can uncover and analyze much more than human eyes. Using CV and ML, we create endless amounts of brand-new insights, data that doesn’t or barely exist. There’s an enormous amount of potential here, starting with the potential of creating new, never seen before, markets.

SBC: You noted that this new data feed won’t require scouts. How can you guarantee data accuracy without that human presence?

I think that it’s proven that most errors are human-based, wouldn’t you agree? Our technology promises to avoid just that as it’s completely machine-driven, there is no room for error. It’s just a matter of development.

SBC: Why did you choose tennis as the first sport for this data feed to focus on? 

DL: Tennis is an individual sport, and the most popular one there is. It served as the perfect jumping start to the development of our tech for two reasons. First, it is far easier to teach the machine how to produce data from two players rather than five at basketball or 11 at soccer, and develop its logic from there.

Second, as it’s much easier to cover individual sports – we’ll soon be able to supply CV-based feeds for tennis which, as I mentioned, is one of the most popular sports worldwide.

SBC: And are there any new sports in the pipeline?

DL: We plan on beginning with the big three – tennis, soccer, and basketball. We’ve already laid the groundwork for analyzing multiple players’ sports which presents us with an exciting challenge. 

SBC: What can we expect from LSports for the remainder of 2022?

DL: Well, I can’t give up too much, but we’ve got a couple of big changes coming up that we’re really excited about. Product-wise, we’re very close to a few facelifts, major upgrades that will change the user experience, and unique new coverage. 


LSports has been nominated in two categories at the hotly anticipated SBC Awards 2022 taking place at this year’s SBC Summit Barcelona. The firm is vying for accolades in the Live Betting Product and Sports Data Product categories. 

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