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Kärrbrink joins Internet Vikings for new US market webinar

Jesper Kärrbrink, co-founder and creative director of Green Jade Games, will be joining Internet Vikings for a new webinar on ‘How to enter the US as a gaming B2B supplier.

Alongside Kärrbrink in the presenting hotseat for this webinar on 17 March (16:00 to 17:00 CET) will be Elena Kvakova – a recent addition to the Internet Vikings team as ‘head of US expansion’ based in New York.

Together they will discuss pressing issues related to entering the US as a B2B supplier, such as how and where to go as a European based company, accreditations or licensing needs to consider and specifics of regulations, compliance, and taxation in different states, as well as how emerging technologies and data are influencing the industry.

“There are a lot of webinars about the US and how to get there,” said Kvakova. “But most of them focused with a B2C perspective, not a B2B point of view. 

“Our goal is to discuss the topic from this fresh angle which we believe will be interesting and helpful to affiliates, payment providers, game developers, etc. Basically, any kind of supplier facing the American markets, but I’m sure that it will be insightful for operators as well.” 

You can register for the free to attend webinar HERE.

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