SBC News Internet Vikings verifies compliance standards with ISMS certification

Internet Vikings verifies compliance standards with ISMS certification

European hosting, domain name and brand traffic protection services provider Internet Vikings has secured a certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The awarding of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification has verified the Stockholm-registered company’s compliance operations with ‘the highest international information security standards’.

Internet Vikings has ‘worked tirelessly’ over the last year to ensure its clients’ data is well secured and its business activities meet strict sector security requirements.

Checks include comprehensive on-site auditing of a wide-range of a company’s operations, such as software product security and intellectual property, HR processes and the actual physical security of premises.

As a result of the certification, the IT-provider’s customers can ‘expect systematic management of information security risks, integrity, and availability of personal and corporate data’.

The recent certification is a recognition of the firm’s efforts to meet these requirements, and is widely recognised as the most reputable standard an organisation can achieve verifying its security and data protection commitments.

“ISO 27001 is a quality mark of the service we provide. It’s one more example of the many steps Internet Vikings has taken to assure our global customer base that we take security seriously and that our policies, procedures and practices comply with the highest regulatory requirements,” stated Victor Jerlin, CTO of Internet Vikings.

Certifications are awarded by independent, third party auditor Svensk Certifiering Norden AB, which is itself supported by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) to perform ISMS 27001 certifications.

Svensk endorsed Internet Vikings as having all the necessary formalised IT security policies and procedures to prevent unauthorised access and compromise, and also confirmed that the operator’s employees are ‘suitably trained, knowledgeable and capable’ in maintaining compliance with ISO 27001 Standards.

The company currently offers a variety of solutions for implementation including data encryption, vulnerability management, security-by design product development and disaster recovery plans, among other services.

“I am very happy to announce that Internet Vikings is now ISO 27001 Certified,” added Peter Ekmark, CEO of Internet Vikings. “Our entire organisation has been involved and everyone worked tirelessly to make it happen. This cements our role as an industry leader and I can’t wait to pass the benefits of this achievement on to our clients.”

The announcement follows Internet Vikings’ launch of a new cloud hosting platform in Singapore, significantly expanding the firm’s presence in the South East Asian market.

Additionally, the company has made various new appointments over the past year, including Andreas Soll in December 2020 and Stefan Backland in March 2020.

SBC News Internet Vikings verifies compliance standards with ISMS certification

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