Betfair Politics – All eyes on May as Corbyn evens General Election market

Following the conclusion of this week’s Labour Party Conference, Betfair Politics informs that at present both Labour and Conservative are evens to ‘win most seats at next General Election’.

Jeremy Corbyn’s closing speech in Brighton was well received by Labour Party delegates. Following two years of fractious party conventions, UK media now reports that Corbyn may have finally united all factions of the Labour Party (Blairites, Bennites, Unionists, Labour Brexit, Labour Remain etc…)

Throughout the week, Labour Party speakers would taunt PM Theresa May to call for a further Snap Election in 2018, which Betfair Politics now prices at 5/2.

Betfair Spokesperson, Katie Baylis, comments: “Jeremy Corbyn told party-faithful in Brighton today that his Labour party is ready to run the country and it looks like punters on Betfair Exchange agree, with Labour now neck and neck with the Tories at evens on the most seats market for the next election.

“And if as Corbyn claims, Labour is a government in waiting, then it might not be too long until they get the chance to prove it, with 2018 now the favourite on the ‘Year of Next Election’ market at 5/2.”

All eyes will be on May’s performance at next week’s Conservative Party Conference in Manchester (1-4 October).  Divided by Brexit, can an under pressure May harmonise deep divisions within the Tory Party, which has been dogged by constant rumour and gossip of in-fighting and Machiavellian manoeuvring by senior cabinet members.

Betfair Politics Update:-

UK Next General Election Most Seats

  • Conservative             Evens
  • Labour                     Evens
  • Liberal Democrat      269/1
  • Any Other                59/1

UK Year of Next General Election  

  • 2017                      21/1
  • 2018                      5/2
  • 2019                      3/1
  • 2020                      9/1
  • 2021                       8/1
  • 2022                      14/5

Prime Minister after Theresa May

  • Jeremy Corbyn         9/2
  • David Davis             6/1
  • Boris Johnson           7/1
  • Phillip Hammond       17/2
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg      12/1
  • Amber Rudd             14/1
  • Andrea Leadsom       20/1

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