allows players to test their wheel strategy

Super affiliate Better Collective, the Danish operation behind the hugely popular tipping site, has launched a new content-rich website designed to appeal to the most enthusiastic roulette player. aims to become the authoritative source on the game and engage fans of the roulette wheel with regular updates and informative content. One of the most interesting features on the site is the Roulette Strategy Simulator, which allows players to test out different game theories.

Among the sections featured on the site are; The Basics of Roulette, Types of Roulette, How To Play, Step by Step Guide, House Advantage, Bet Types, How to Win, Tips & Key Tactics, Platforms, Operators & Licenses, Top Online Roulette Casinos, Play Free Roulette Games, Winning Strategies & Systems, Roulette Bots and Academic Writing on Roulette. is initially targeted at the UK market, with 10 more language versions dues to be rolled out soon in order to make it more appealing in Europe, with Eastern Europe a particular focus.

Better Collective Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Høgenhaven explained: “Despite the popularity of roulette, the amount of high end roulette content published online is surprisingly scarce. By creating the authoritative source on roulette, we hope to create a more engaging and informed roulette gaming experience for our users. There is a big misconception that roulette strategies are a scam. They are not. Although they do not change the fundamental premise of the game – that the house has a 2.70% edge – different strategies yield vastly different flows.

“With some strategies, big wins are relatively likely. Other strategies are better for users who want to avoid big loses, but can live with smaller wins. We are therefore particularly excited about the feedback we have received about our Interactive Roulette Strategy Simulator, in which the user can see how different strategies give different gaming experiences and different likelihood of big wins vs incremental wins.”

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