A Look Ahead: SBC’s Julian Pitts Reveals Exciting Plans for Affiliate Leaders

A Look Ahead: SBC’s Julian Pitts Reveals Exciting Plans for Affiliate Leaders

Affiliates play a core role in interconnecting the global betting and gaming sector, the importance of which will be on full display at the SBC Summit Barcelona in September this year.

Sharing his own experience of the gaming affiliate space and how it can navigate the challenges ahead, SBC’s Senior Affiliate Relationship Manager Julian Pitts broke down what he believes are the key qualities in an Affiliate Leader.

SBC: Hi Julian. You lead the development of the Affiliate Leaders community. Could you please explain to SBC audiences the forthcoming plans of Affiliate Leaders and the benefits it offers to participating members?”

Our forthcoming plans are all about bringing this community to life, and it’s not just about events. We’re taking a holistic approach, providing multiple platforms for Affiliate Leaders to connect and thrive, both online and in person.

One of our top priorities is to revitalise the Affiliate Leaders website, making it more dynamic and user-friendly. We’ll enhance its features and structure to create robust profiles for both companies and individuals within our community. This upgrade will naturally and organically boost the industry exposure of our Affiliate Leaders.

Additionally, we’re maximising the potential of the Affiliate Leaders Telegram group, which we launched a few months ago. This group serves as a hub for open communication, offering a safe space where affiliates can connect outside of exhibition floors, conference rooms, and networking venues. It’s a valuable platform for regular interaction, information exchange, seeking advice, and supporting one another—a true haven for our affiliates.

We’ve also taken a fresh look at our exclusive affiliate dinners, shifting the focus to prioritise affiliates themselves rather than solely connecting them with operators. During our catch-up sessions, affiliates made it clear that while meeting operators and potential clients is beneficial, it’s equally important to cultivate a strong sense of community and collaboration among themselves.

Looking ahead, we will be dedicated to producing content that revolves around our Affiliate Leaders. They can look forward to exciting opportunities to be featured in interviews, where they can share their invaluable insights, concerns, plans, and perspectives on industry trends. This will not only empower them but also establish them as influential industry leaders. 

All in all, our main aim is to breathe fresh life into our community and make sure we cater to our affiliates’ needs and desires. We’re all ears, actively listening to their input, and incorporating it into our overall planning. Our mission is to create a thriving and fulfilling space that resonates with our affiliates’ vision and aspirations.

SBC: Can you detail your own background in affiliate marketing and how your experiences have helped shape the Affiliate Leaders programme?

Spending a year as an affiliate manager on the operator side was an eye-opening experience. I had a front-row seat to the world of affiliation and witnessed the daily challenges faced by affiliates through communication, negotiation, and relationship building. This firsthand experience truly helped me understand things from their perspective. 

Therefore, stepping into my role as a Relationship Manager at SBC, I already had a good grasp of their pain points. With my understanding of common communication mishaps between operators and affiliates, I can effectively address such issues and provide support.

That’s the main reason why I’m excited about evolving Affiliate Leaders into a platform where affiliates can freely express their challenges and feel like they truly belong to a supportive community. It’s all about empowering affiliates to thrive now.

SBC: Why is the Affiliate Leaders community needed in the current landscape of the igaming sector, and how does it assist affiliates in navigating the multitude of challenges they encounter in their work?

One of the primary reasons Affiliate Leaders is crucial at this time is because affiliates now place genuine value on connecting and interacting with each other. Historically, the industry has often wrongly perceived affiliates as solely interested in meeting operators, but my observations and feedback indicate a different reality. Affiliates are actively embracing a shift towards a collaborative approach rather than a strictly competitive one.

At Affiliate Leaders, we take a tailor-made approach by engaging in conversations with affiliates to understand their current needs. This allows us to provide them with the specific support they require in the present moment. Our concept is not fixed; it evolves alongside the ever-changing affiliate landscape. Affiliates are the true leaders of this community, and our role is to offer them a platform and the necessary support to thrive.

SBC: As you know, the affiliate landscape is comprised of a diverse range of businesses. How have you developed a platform to represent the interests of all affiliates, regardless of their size?

To put it simply, an Affiliate Leader is someone who wants to champion their own interests while having easy access to fellow affiliates. This is the underlying value of what we are doing, as it brings together both larger and smaller affiliates in a trusted environment. Here, they are able to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences in order to learn from each other. There is no discrimination based on the size of their businesses.

When we use the term “leaders,” we are specifically referring to leaders within the Affiliate Leaders community, not leaders in the broader industry. This community is not limited to established brands alone; it is open to all individuals and businesses in the industry interested in affiliate marketing.

A Leader of the community in the context of Affiliate Leaders is someone who actively participates by contributing valuable insights and sharing experiences and knowledge with the community. They play a pivotal role in guiding and shaping the community’s direction. For the community to thrive and achieve success, these leaders need to actively engage with fellow members and maintain open lines of communication. Their engagement and communication skills are critical to ensuring the community’s growth and effectiveness.

It is also worth noting that SBC has a proven track record of organising premier conferences that cater to the diverse stakeholders in the industry, including operator leadership, suppliers, trade bodies, regulators, and more. We are determined to extend this invaluable platform to affiliates as we move forward, ensuring their active participation and representation, especially In light of the regulatory challenges surrounding gambling advertising across multiple markets.

SBC: How will Affiliate Leaders be showcased at the forthcoming SBC Barcelona Summit? 

This upcoming event is going to be our biggest show yet, which is why we are once again building a dedicated Affiliate, Marketing & Media Zone. With over 10,000 delegates roaming the exhibition floor, it has become increasingly important to create a specialised space where affiliates can easily connect, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Within the Affiliate, Marketing & Media Zone, there will be a separate Affiliate Leaders Lounge, sponsored by Bet356. This dedicated space will serve as a hub and meeting point exclusively for affiliates, providing a relaxed and friendly environment to foster connections and collaborations.

One fantastic opportunity we offer is the chance for affiliates to be a speaker at SBC Summit Barcelona. This allows them to share their expertise, insights, and experiences with our audience. It’s not just a platform to showcase their knowledge, but it also helps establish their credibility within the industry.

To further enhance networking and relationship-building, we will be hosting an exclusive dinner specifically for Affiliate Leaders. It’s a great setting where affiliates can unwind, connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

On Day 2, we have something special planned: an engaging meet-up exclusively designed for affiliates. This meet-up aims to create a sense of community, providing a valuable opportunity for affiliates to interact and learn from one another and overall an excellent chance to expand their networks.

We are fully committed to ensuring that affiliates’ active participation and contributions are highlighted throughout the event and even beyond. In fact, we have planned an interview series that will provide an additional platform for affiliates to showcase their expertise and insights ahead of their appearance at SBC Summit Barcelona. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded experience, enabling affiliates to derive maximum value not only during the show but also in the long run, helping them achieve long-term success in the industry.

SBC: Any final thoughts, you would like to share? 

For any affiliates who are eager to learn more about Affiliate Leaders, SBC Summit Barcelona, or any other event, I invite you to reach out to me personally. As the point of contact, I am here to assist you and provide the necessary information to help you make the most of these opportunities.

Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]. I am more than happy to connect with you and address any questions or concerns you may have. Whether it’s about the Affiliate Leaders community, the exciting happenings at SBC Summit Barcelona, or any other inquiries related to our events, I am here to guide you through the process.

I understand that each affiliate has unique needs and objectives, and I am dedicated to ensuring that you receive the personalised attention you deserve. So don’t hesitate to reach out—I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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