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Lion Gaming eyes up faster feature delivery with Flows

Lion Gaming is targeting an enhancement of its sportsbook and igaming platform by integrating Flows’ no-code automation solution.

By adopting Flows’ tech, Lion Gaming aims to deliver features and applications quickly without code by orchestrating different data points from multiple systems and triggers in one place.

The ultimate goal is to speed up the market delivery time for features and integration opportunities whilst also reducing development time and operational costs.

Duncan McIntyre, President & CEO of Lion Gaming, said: “As a company committed to building the most innovative iGaming solutions, Lion Gaming is thrilled to partner with Flows. 

“With their advanced technology, we will be able to accelerate product development and simplify integration processes. These two advantages empower us to not only maintain our commitment to delivering bleeding-edge features to our customers, but to do so quicker than ever before.”

Lion Gaming’s specialty in the igaming sector is development of blockchain and web3 based products, as well as profitability and customer retention and acquisition tools for operators.

Flows, meanwhile, has built up a network of clients among operators, suppliers and affiliates for its software and technology services, which revolve primarily around its plug-in no-code platform.

The London-based group’s goal is to assist clients with accelerating development and simplifying integrations by enabling connection between different data sources such as CRM systems, payment gateways and affiliate networks.

James King, CEO of Flows, said: “We are delighted to have secured Lion Gaming as a client. I’ve eagerly followed Duncan’s progress with Lion Gaming and I am immensely proud that Flows will play a part in supporting and enhancing their journey. 

“They’re an innovative supplier that recognise the value and the benefits that Flows can bring them. We’re looking forward to seeing how Lion Gaming embrace and utilise Flows game-changing technology.”

The partnership comes off the back of an active year for Flows, which signed agreements with Betroyale and Kabukicasino at the start of this month.

In an interview with SBC exploring artificial intelligence (AI), King shared his view that the technology’s potential for the betting and gaming space cannot be ignored.

“Adapting to the technological shift towards AI and automation is paramount for igaming companies,” he said. “This is not merely a trend but a transformational force reshaping the industry and, to be honest, all industries now.”

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