SBC News Bayes Esports offers probability service to keep pace with fast moving titles

Bayes Esports offers probability service to keep pace with fast moving titles

Bayes Esports has revealed that it is now offering live probabilities as a service to its clients and customers via Predex

Through the predictions data exchange, sportsbooks will be able to use ‘highly accurate probabilities’ for a wide variety of events and markets in popular esports titles.

The esports live data company reinforced the need for sportsbooks to utilise probability models that will allow them to infer free of biases how likely the offered markets are to be decided in one side’s favour. 

“This becomes more and more important the faster the game and markets move,” the group explained.

Notger Heinz, Principal Data Scientist at Bayes Esports, stated: “We are extremely proud to finally be able to offer our probabilities as an additional service to our clients. 

“When we started our probabilities services years ago at Dojo Madness, before we became Bayes Esports, we eventually wanted to open them to the wider public, so last autumn, we decided that the time was ripe and started working on it.

“Predex will allow so many more sportsbooks to explore what is possible in esports betting and will be a driving factor in the development of the industry.” 

As esports titles are updated and changed regularly, the firm explained that developing and monitoring accurate probability models for esports can be challenging.

Moreover, events that are critical to the outcome of any given market are occurring much more frequently in esports too, complicating the development process further.

Speaking to SBC this month, Ben Steenhuisen, Senior Software Architect at Bayes Esports, broke down some of the key differences between esports and traditional sports, highlighting where lessons can be learned and how to cater to new player bases.

“Although the early parts of esports history were also exclusively in-person events, esports as we know it today took an entirely different course with the widespread accessibility of high-speed internet connectivity,” he said.

“This allowed players to play from the comfort of their own home, competing against a much broader set of players than they could ever have done in-person. It allowed more diverse teams – not separated by geopolitical borders, which has given access to more diverse playstyles and strategies.

“However, the rapid growth of esports and its digital nature have caused the aforementioned natural development pyramid present in other sports to be almost completely absent in esports. Fans might enjoy playing the game casually, but where to go from there to try and improve and break-through to the professional level can be quite unclear.”  

Predex is now fully integrated with Bayes Esports’ central data platform BEDEX and is available via the Live Trader Dashboard, requiring no additional integration for existing users and only a single integration for newcomers.

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