Morten Tonnesen: Shaping success following Kambi takeover

At the start of September, Shape Games joined the Kambi group following a €38.5m takeover. And whilst it was said that this deal will help revamp Kambi’s front-end services, it is also expected that Shape Games will support Kambi in delivering high quality technology for global demands.

Discussing the acquisition at SBC Summit Barcelona, Shape Games CEO Morten Tonnesen shed some light on the company’s prospective plans now that it has become a part of Kambi.

Whilst it is still very early days in the acquisition agreement, Tonnesen explained that this synergistic relationship with Kambi will help bring new technologies and features to the wider betting industry.

He said: “It’s still very early doors between the companies as we start to integrate. The plan is that Shape Games stays as an independent company within the group. Technology wise, we’ll start to work closer and closer together as time goes on.

“So the benefits of being able to work with the risk and data teams and Kambi can be how to come up with innovative products and features for the front-end and how that works for the customer.

“We believe that we’ll be able to deliver a lot of new core products as well as associated features around the main betting experience in the next few months. We’ll be able to tell you more about that soon.”

Something that’ll be a core focus for Shape Games is delivering an elevated betting experience that places a significant emphasis on personalisation.

Tonnesen continued: “Some of the key themes that we are looking at are basically building upon the successes of the core betting experience that can be delivered. I’d say that one of the main factors we’re seeing that is in demand from our existing customers, and one that is mentioned when having conversations with prospective partners, is that there’s a lot of need and desire for personalisation and delivering a different betting experience.

“That is instead of delivering the spreadsheet that is generally delivered by most betting operators, and then customers have to dig around to find what they’re actually looking for. Instead, we want to be making that more personalised and more easily digestible – that is something we’ll be looking at initially to deliver to markets.”

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