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BETER adds stats widget to iframe targeting ‘next-gen audience of operators’

Targeting an ‘immersive and exciting’ betting experience, BETER has made its latest update to its iframe solution, a new statistics widget.

The new feature includes information on games and player performances, such as hero picks, past and current stats, lineups and pick/ban stats.

BETER states that the end goal during development was to produce a widget that would help bettors ‘to make balanced betting decisions and significantly increase their efficiency’.

The sportsbook solutions provider added that its target customer-base for the new add-on are ‘the next-gen audience of operators’, for whom esports is fast becoming a core market.

Using ‘historical data over three months’, BETER is making the widget available for CS:GO and Dota 2 events, with plans to collect data on ‘other esports disciplines’ and add more stats options to its iframe.

BETER launched its iframe solution earlier this year, using an ‘engagement oriented UI’ for a ‘twitch-like experience’ covering a range of esports events.

The group has been targeting an enhanced presence in esports betting over the past year, having partnered with Bayes Esports in September, followed by appointing Evgeniy Bekker as Esports General Manager in October.

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