SGC Blog – Andy Rogers – Land Based Requirements For Social Gaming

andyrogersTraditional gaming operator interest is growing in social gambling – Andy Rogers MD of MediaTech Splutions gives insight into how gaming companies are using social channels to improve real money gaming operations, marketing, branding, retention and acquisition.

Andy Rogers further gives details on the requirements needed  by gaming companies to operate new services online. Rogers additionally gives advice on how to identify an operators best social strategies, giving his opinion into the various models that gaming operators can apply to engage new customers to their brands and products.

SBC Session Notes:

  • Rogers gives examples of social interaction witnessed in the Spanish Gaming and Social Gambling arena. Rogers states that gambling revenues in this market are still harbored in land based operations – casinos,racetracks etc… however the opportunity for growth and value is set on converting players to igaming products. Social mediums can provide coverage and conversion tool
  • Rogers states that conversion between land based operators and social gaming operator can prove to be beneficial beyond just ‘ramping revenues. Stating IGT purchase of Double Down Casino as a case study, Rogers states IGT have gained operational and innovation competencies by the acquisition of Double Down Casino.
  • The speaker adds that gaming companies have to be able to clearly understand both the resources and operational/technical competencies needed to set up the a fruitful social gaming product. Companies also have to study which solution and action to take – these include which turnkey solutions to use and what key strategic implementations to carry out. High emphasis is needed at early projecy blueprinting and project management stages.
  • In Summary Rogers believes that social gambling can bring growth and brand exposure to gaming operators, however what companies misunderstand is that social  gaming brings innovation and new experiences to established gaming operators. This is something he believes that traditional gaming operators drastically need.

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