SBC News von Rosen eyes Dubai launch of $1bn lotto jackpot

von Rosen eyes Dubai launch of $1bn lotto jackpot

Lottoland founder David von Rosen has declared his ambitious goal to break all global lottery records by launching the first ever $1bn lotto jackpot. 

Setting his sights on delivering the lottery’s ‘first guaranteed billionaire jackpot’, von Rosen, who founded Lottoland in 2013, has established his yet-to-be-announced lottery venture in Dubai. 

The announcement comes after the UAE officially established a General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA), which lays out a regulatory framework for the Emirates commercial gaming industry. 

Von Rosen believes Dubai is the perfect place to host the world’s largest ever jackpot, saying such a prize would be “another feather in the city’s cap” as a global business  authority. 

“The UAE never does anything in halves, and its global reputation for doing things on a mega-scale can be replicated in the lotteries sector. We have a great opportunity to set the record for lotteries and create jackpots that are far bigger than any in the world right now,” von Rosen said. 

The entrepreneur believes that a $1bn jackpot could pave the way for a world-leading lotteries sector in Dubai and said the city’s gaming sector and thriving tech ecosystem should be utilised to offer truly modern lottery products. 

“The UAE is the most exciting place to be currently and any lottery product launched here must match this energy and character. It’s also an ambitious, future-facing country and has a unique opportunity to build the best lotteries sector in the world through digital-led lottery draws. 

“Dubai is a hub of tech talent and cutting-edge research, which is all well supported by the Government, and we should capitalise on this to drive innovation and growth in the sector.”  

Launching his new venture, Von Rosen will observe the ongoing development of GCGRA and its plans to regulate gambling services with the UAE, in which lottery could become the Emirates next multi-billion dollar sector.  

“The GCGRA is big news and a step in the right direction for the gaming sector,” on Rosen explained. “The priority for now needs to be rolling out a truly innovative regulatory framework for lottery products that’s modern and fit-for-purpose, whilst also offering unrivalled customer protection through digitally led lottery products.” 

“I look forward to working alongside any relevant partners and helping develop unique lottery products that are fit for 2024 and beyond, and attractive to the region’s consumer and tourists alike.”

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