Optimove acquires email-focused marketing brand DynamicMail

Israeli user management software provider Optimove has acquired PowerInbox’s DynamicMail.

A leader in real-time personalisation, the purchase of DynamicMail comes after Optimove received $20 million in funding.

The 300 brands that use Optimove’s marketing hub have around 500 million consumers in the UK and Europe, with these brands sending over 3 billion personalised emails to their customers last year alone. With access to PowerInbox’s dynamic email technology, said brands will now be able to create dynamic content which changes in real-time to be most relevant at the time of opening.

Optimove CEO Pini Yakul said: “This acquisition strengthens Optimove’s existing email capabilities by enabling our clients to include dynamic content in their email communications that is updated when each email is opened.

“These real-time content updates make email an even more effective channel. We consider this move to be another significant step towards achieving our vision of empowering brands to exhibit emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers.

Emotional intelligence is a key element in relationship marketing today, and PowerInbox’s dynamic email technology offers great value to 300+ brands who use Optimove to communicate more effectively with their customers, and provide outstanding customer experiences.”

Writing on the Optimove blog, Head of Marketing Amit Bivas added: “As the first digital marketing tool, more than 40 years old now, email is still one of the most effective platforms in relationship marketing.

“But sometimes that exact approach towards email, as the older, respectable gent of the group, is what prevents it from enjoying the type of personalisation and interaction available on other channels.

“The acquisition of DynamicMail strengthens Optimove’s existing email capabilities and is another significant step towards the holy-grail of empowering brands to exhibit emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers.”

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