Betfair switches to cloud based HR System


Betfair are set to trial HR cloud based management program Fairsail, as the betting operator looks for an alternative to its ageing Oracle and Workday SAP systems.

The project to integrate a new HR solution was undertaken by Simon MacDonald, Head of Betfair Talent Acquisitions. Betfair will look to integrate a HR management system that is flexible with its current international operations.

Betfair HR processes were reviewed in 2014, with a view to refine and optimise operations using latest technologies available. Betfair’s previous HR systems had been in-place for six years, after careful consideration Betfair management has chosen to implement and trial Fairsail HRMS software.

San Francisco based HR technology Fairsail will offer Betfair a cloud driven, end to end HR system managing all value chain processes of Betfair’s HR functions, including HR compliance, payment monitoring, employee rewards and tracking, and new talent acquisition.

Simon MacDonald Head of Betfair Talent Acquisitions commented  “We had gone through a lot of changes in our business and we wanted to ensure that our HR function was supporting the business in the best way we can, so our HR director was keen to review what we had in order to see whether we could improve or potentially change it,”

We are 14 years old we’ve got 1,700 employees across about 15 countries, we don’t have 20,000 or 50,000 employees so the old system didn’t fit us as a business,”