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Howard League inquiry calls for CJS to overhaul its approach to problem gambling crimes 

The Howard League has called for an overhaul in how the UK’s Criminal Justice System (CJS) addresses ‘crimes linked to problem gambling’. The headline remark was made by the League’s ‘Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling’ – a research unit led by Lord Goldsmith QC, that has examined links between problem gambling and crimes committed during the past two-years.  Publishing …

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Howard League seeks participants for its ‘Crime & Problem Gambling’ report

GamCare has called for participants to help the University of Lincoln carry out research into ‘gambling and crime’. The University is conducting research interviews of ‘participants that have committed a crime as a result of gambling’ on behalf of the Howard League – the UK’s leading charity and organisation on penal reform. The interviews will form part of the Howard …

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Winning Post: Q4 betting margins… Feeling lucky?

betting margins

Regulus Partners kicks off 2021 by analysing how the pent-up demand for sports betting from Covid restricted consumers enlarged betting’s Q4 margins, as well as the House of Lords’ deep interest in the Gambling Act’s review…   In the depths of the first wave of lockdowns, online sports betting was among the beleaguered sectors of the gambling industry, lacking key …

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David Clifton, Licensing Expert: Has the die already been cast?

In last month’s “Licensing Expert” article for SBC News, I talked about a possible link between erosion of parliamentarians’ trust in the Gambling Commission and erosion of the Commission’s trust in the gambling sector. Since then, more recent events have served to underline even more the extent to which trust in both the regulator and the regulated has so regrettably …

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David Clifton: Licensing Expert – Puzzle upon puzzle marks the path ahead

UK gambling regulatory developments during the last month or so have led many to query the reason behind the Gambling Commission’s decision to publish (on 12th May) additional customer interaction guidance for remote operators. What some have found puzzling is not only the range of topics covered in that additional guidance but also its prescriptive nature, particularly bearing in mind …

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Lord Goldsmith to lead Howard League’s ‘deeper research’ on crime and problem gambling links

Penal reform charity The Howard League is set to undertake further research, examining the ‘links between criminal activity and problem gambling’. Having sanctioned an academic literature review conducted by Sarah Ramanauskas, Senior Partner at Gambling Integrity, Howard League revealed that’s there is ‘a dearth of knowledge’ related to the subject matter. In its review of academic reports, the charity found …

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