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Paul Marcantonio – ECOMMPAY – Pairing automated risk management with the human factor

ECOMMPAY - Copyright: vska / 123RF Stock Photo

As technology advances, unscrupulous individuals are using increasingly inventive means to achieve financial gain. So, what’s next for online merchants who depend on payment security? Paul Marcantonio, Head of UK/Western Europe at ECOMMPAY, thinks he has the answer. Fraud, or attempts to defraud, are unavoidable. Where there is profit from successful business operations, there is the risk of fraudulent activity. …

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Collaboration can lead to start-up success says new incubator

Scott Longley discovers how innovation may be being stifled by regulation and how some entrepeneurs are looking to encourage the formation of new ideas. Online gambling would appear to have a problem with innovation. Such at least would be the conclusion from the activity we have witnessed recently extolling the virtues of nurturing entrepreneurs and start-ups within an industry which, …

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