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UK Finance delays payee ‘name-check’ enforcements

UK Finance, the representative trade association for consumer banking and financial transactions, has confirmed that it will not be launching its ‘Confirmation Payee System’  in 2019. This week, Stephen Jones confirmed the delay of the Payee System to the Commons’ Treasury Committee, detailing those banking stakeholders could not ensure the capabilities of their IT frameworks to implement necessary changes. “This is a …

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Paddy Power – Tory Rebels gift May a 2018 leadership headache

Conservative ‘Rebel MPs’ have handed Theresa May a significant defeat in Commons, securing a legal amendment guaranteeing a vote on the final Brexit deal struck with the EU. A beleaguered PM Theresa May, lost the crucial Commons ‘EU Withdrawal Bill’ by just four votes (309 to 305 vote). However, Paddy Power Politics believes that the vote’s consequences may become significant for Theresa …

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