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Leon House delivers 24-hour support with AnonyMind launch

Residential gambling addiction centre Leon House has launched a new online gambling treatment platform which seeks to offer a ‘full, impartial and anonymous psychiatric assessment’ for those affected by problem gambling. The platform, AnonyMind, has been created in collaboration with Cognacity, a Harley Street specialist provider of mental health and addiction treatment, while EPIC Risk Management has provided further oversight …

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Christopher Metcalf, Leon House: Social barriers must be broken on gambling treatment

The treatment of problem gambling requires a programme which has been tailored to each individual, explained Christopher Metcalf, co-founder of Anonymind and Leon House. Opened in June 2019, Manchester-based Leon House Health & Wellbeing is a 23-bed purpose-built facility, focused on the treatment of problematic gamblers which prides itself on taking a different approach to more traditional treatment centres. Metcalf …

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