Leon House delivers 24-hour support with AnonyMind launch

Residential gambling addiction centre Leon House has launched a new online gambling treatment platform which seeks to offer a ‘full, impartial and anonymous psychiatric assessment’ for those affected by problem gambling.

The platform, AnonyMind, has been created in collaboration with Cognacity, a Harley Street specialist provider of mental health and addiction treatment, while EPIC Risk Management has provided further oversight on the platform’s directives.

The AnonyMind platform seeks to maximise research, education and treatment (RET) support provisions for gambling-harm front line workers, whilst improving care quality assistance for at-risk patients.

Chris Metcalf, COO at Leon House, said: “The recent £100 million pledge to Gamble Aware from five BGC member operators shows that there is a real commitment from the UK gaming industry to help and support problem gamblers.

“Now, with the launch of AnonyMind by Leon House, these same operators will be able to offer free, anonymous, 24/7 professional counselling to their players via video calls for the first time ever and residential treatment at Leon House, should it be required. We’re looking forward to working with more UK operators as we go through the year”.

Users of the platform will receive access to support from over 120 trained consultants, who will help identify potential comorbid issues prior to any treatment.

Last week’s House of Lords Select Committee report on urgent actions for the gambling industry earmarked the development of further RET-based programmes as a key directive that should be reshaped the good of the consumer over industry profits.

Carolyn Harris MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the startling levels of problem gambling that exist across our communities. It’s vital that people who are stuck in this vicious cycle are able to access support when they need it.

“AnonyMind’s new 24-hour service allows users to get confidential, secure support whenever they might need it. I would encourage anybody who is struggling with gambling addiction to take a look at this platform and reach out for support if they need it.”

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