SBC News CBF prioritises integrity as Brazil betting market nears launch

CBF prioritises integrity as Brazil betting market nears launch

In a push for strengthened integrity in Brazil’s rising sports betting market, Eduardo Gussem has been appointed as Integrity Officer of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

The appointment comes ahead of a crucial vote this week concerning the proposed legal sports betting in the country. Legislators will decide on Wednesday 29 November on the final framework of Brazil’s betting regulation.

Appointed by president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, Gussem is the former Attorney General of Justice and President of the Public Ministry Association of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Rodrigues explained: “The development of sports betting games, especially online, increases the risks of manipulation of sports competitions. All countries and all sports are subject to the possibility of manipulation of sports competitions. 

“This phenomenon is a global threat to the integrity of sport and demands a collective global response. An effective fight against the manipulation of sports competitions requires agile, fast, sustainable and effective national and international cooperation, with dialogue and cooperation between public authorities, sports organisations, competition organisers and sports betting operators at national and international level.

“These are essential in the search for common effective responses to the challenges posed by the problem of manipulating sports competitions. This Integrity Unit will work permanently on these issues.”

It was only in September that a bill was approved to legalise both sports betting and online casino in Brazil – one of the final steps in the country’s regulation.

The process has also this week seen the conclusion of the tax and fiscal modalities, submitted by legislators to the draft bill which seeks to regulate a federal fixed-odds betting market. 

However, Brazilian football clubs have unified in protest against amendments endorsed by the Senate Sports Committee review of the Federal Sports Betting and Online Gambling Bill.

This amendment, backed by the sports committee, proposes a ban on sports betting sponsorships.

Speaking to SBC News this week, Tiago Almeida from software developer Oddsgate – which has been highly active in Latin America, specifically the emerging Brazilian market – explained his expectations of a newly regulated market.

He said: “We anticipate several positive outcomes from a fully-regulated market in Brazil.  The regulatory framework provides a level playing field, fostering fair competition, and enhancing consumer protection.  

“The approval of the regulatory framework demonstrates a commitment to a transparent and accountable gaming industry. 

“Our experience with the European regulated markets, where our headquarters are located, allowed our team to fully understand what players and operators will need to successfully dive into the regulated market, leading to sustainable growth.”

Should the Bill, and its accompanying amendments, be approved on Wednesday, the legislation will then be sent to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for signing.

This would usher in what has become one of the most eagerly anticipated betting markets in the world, one which has caught the attention of a plethora of local and international operators.

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