DSWV President, Mathias Dahms,

DSWV: World Cup lows highlight channelling flaws of the GlüNeuRStv

 The negative impact of Germany’s futile sports betting laws was visible during World Cup 2023, according to Mathias Dahms, the President of DSWV – Germany’s Sports Betting Association.  

Speaking at the trade body’s annual conference on 8 March, Dahms reiterated previous warnings of self-imposed harms on Germany’s ‘GlüNeuRStv’ interstate gambling regime. 

“2022 was not an outstanding year for sports betting” Dahms remarked. “At 8.2 billion euros, the betting stakes were 13% lower than in 2021.”

Of note, alarm bells should be ringing for the new Federal Gambling Authority, Gluecksspiel (GGL) as the German sports betting registered no World Cup pick-up.

Dahms and the DSWV were unsurprised that “31 GlüNeuRStv licensed operators had to compete against 360 illegal offers,” with no restriction on market offerings.

The DSWV outlined its support of the GGL’s toughened stance against unlicensed operators, yet sportsbook channelling continues to be hindered by restrictions in-play betting markets and customer verification requirements. 

“The channeling model of the GlüNeuRStv’ doesn’t work,” summed up Dahms. “Its requirements are too demanding on the customer, which makes the game less attractive for them and simply promotes evasive movements to the black market.”

A year following the implementation of GlüNeuRStv’s federal laws, Dahms cited that damages were witnessed across the board as “expenditure of sports betting providers in sports sponsorships decreased from €84 million to €63 million in 2022”.

Once again, the GGL has been urged to amend the GlüNeuRStv, so that: “Sports betting is a recognized entertainment product, extremely popular and has reached mainstream society.”  

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