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Altenar increases global scale with new sports betting platform

Altenar has launched the second version of its sports betting platform, which enables it to serve operators on a global level in a more efficient manner.

The new platform was revealed as part of the ‘Naked truth about Altenar’ presentation at the inaugural SBC Digital Summit

The company’s CEO Stanislav Silin confirmed that it is not yet live with existing partners, but has been rolled out for a new, small betting and gaming client.

He explained: “The platform is one which allows us to blend the content from different providers in a more fine-tuned fashion.

“It is also fully embracing the hybrid cloud infrastructure so on-premise and public cloud for scalability with distributed geo-deployment, so we should be able to serve areas such as Latin America and Asia in a much more efficient way. 

“This is our future, this is where I believe we will scale the software in the next two to three years and whatever new integrations we take will be plugged into that system.”

He went on to explain that because the platform was built from scratch, it has made use of the latest technologies – allowing it to become less dependent on a single database.

This concept, said Silin, inherently brings a higher availability and scalability which it had already in the current system but not to the same degree.

Silin also took the opportunity to remind prospective clients why Altenar operates a purely B2B platform operation – instead of also competing in the B2C space.

“We actually have some customers which we only obtained because we did that,” Silin continued. “We always believed in that concept and they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen us because they would have thought we would be competitors to them. 

“We believe this is a fairer proposition to them because they don’t get the risk of us releasing a feature only for our internal B2C operation and with that they have the peace of mind that we will not, one day, take their players.”

Silin was joined on the presentation by COO Dinos Stranomitis, who answered a question on the key USP for the Altenar business, suggesting that this is a “fast response” to any problems or new requests from its collection of partners.

“Our partners keep requesting things, at all times, and especially now,” he said. “We have had to diversify our portfolio, moving extremely fast to add esports and virtuals. Added to that, we are moving ahead also with lottery bets.”

Silin and Stranomitis later discussed changes to regulation in Sweden, where Altenar software is approved to provide services to licensed  operators, before teasing the prospect of new software approvals in Denmark and Portugal – where it expects to be certified by the end of this month.

The full presentation and Q&A is available ‘On Demand’ for all SBC Digital Summit attendees via the ‘Exhibitor Presentations Schedule’ in the ‘Exhibit Hall’.

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