BetCris announces European arrival via Poland  

BetCris has marked its first foray into the European online gambling marketplace by launching its online sportsbook within Poland.

The South American operator becomes the 20th business (retail and online) to be granted a gambling licence by Poland’s Ministry of Finance.

An expansion into Europe had long been touted by the South American operator, which was founded in Costa Rica in 1986, and has expanded its digital sportsbook presence within South American markets since 2006.

Updating stakeholders, Group CEO JD Duarte (pictured) stated that impetus to launch in Poland had been accelerated by 2020 and 2021’s pandemic circumstances impacting the business’ South American units.

“It is a great day for Betcris. Starting operations in Poland was a great choice, the local work team has made sure that the Betcris brand maintains its level of excellence and we are excited about all the possibilities that this opens for us as a company,” Duarte remarked.

“Betcris has earned its leadership position in Latin America and now that we come to Poland, we will continue to make history. I love entering new markets and zeroing in on what makes customers happy. We have a great team that I’m sure will accomplish great things. Polsko, wchodzimy do gry!”

Market reforms undertaken in 2017 saw the Polish Treasury impose a 12% turnover tax across all online gambling verticals, leading to a mass exodus of international operators.

Furthermore, new laws mandated that all licensed online gambling firms service an active operational presence within the country.

2017 changes and the exodus of competition have seen the Polish sportsbook marketplace dominated by the two incumbents – STS and Fortuna Entertainment – who collectively maintain a +70% market share.

Board member Jacek Jakubowski cited confidence in BetCris’ ambitions for Poland’s marketplace, a sector which generates a “handle of roughly $1.85 billion with private operators contributing $205 million to Poland’s tax system”.

“Poland is one of the most dynamically developing markets in Europe with operators offering services at a high level,” Jakubowski noted.

“It is a very competitive market, but we strongly believe that our brand, based on our attractive product and the many years of experience we have in other countries combined with excellent customer service, will meet the expectations of Polish clients and let us build a strong position in this market.”

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