Susan Hooper steps down as ESG governor of Rank

Rank Group Plc has confirmed that Susan Hooper has chosen to step down as a non-executive director of the company, ending her tenure as Chair of Rank’s ESG and Safer Gambling Committee.

A figurehead in corporate management for large scale enterprises, Hooper was appointed a Rank corporate advisor in 2015 and would later take on the role of first ESG and Safer Gambling chair of the LSE firm.

Hooper has informed Rank’s board of directors of her intentions to step down on 31 January 2022, completing her six years as a non-executive director of the company.

“On behalf of Rank I would like to thank Susan for her valuable contribution as a Director on the Board for over six years and as Chair of the ESG & Safer Gambling Committee for the past three and a half years,” said Rank Chairman Alex Thursby.

“Susan’s customer-centric approach has had a strong influence on the development of our transformation programme and helped lay the foundations for Rank’s future growth. Her experience has also been crucial in broadening the scope of our Safer Gambling Committee to encompass ESG in its wider form, without losing our clear commitment to safer gambling.”

Updating stakeholders, Rank confirmed that Hooper would be replaced by Katie McAlister as Chair of the ESG & Safer Gambling Committee.

Rank governance continues its executive search for a new Group CFO, following the decision by incumbent Bill Floydd to leave the business on 31 December 2021. Group’s Director of Finance, Simon Hay, will step up as Interim Chief Financial Officer until Bill Floydd’s successor has been appointed.

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