GBGB works to ‘raise welfare and integrity’ with rule amendments

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has made amendments to the Rules of Racing as part of a commitment to ‘continue raising welfare and integrity standards’.

As part of its enhanced implementation of the Greyhound Commitment, the GBGB has made two primary amendments to the Rules of Racing – Rule 212 & 213 and Rule 53 & 195.

The first amendment requires all trainers to ‘read, understand and be compliant with the PAS 251’ – the Specification for Trainers’ residential Kennels – developed in cooperation with animal welfare organisations, veterinarians, government and industry specialists.

Meanwhile, Rule 53 & 195 will set new criteria for the disqualification of a greyhound for deliberate interference, removing the requirement for trainer’s or their representative to provide a signed declaration. 

This requirement will be replaced with the caveat that these individuals will be given the opportunity to present ‘any mitigation they feel is relevant during a review of the interference,’ of which the deadline for submission to the National Form Database has been extended to the end of the meeting.

“We are pleased to launch our new Rules of Racing website today,” said Paul Illingworth, GBGB Senior Stipendiary Steward. 

“By transferring over to this digital platform we can ensure that everybody is viewing the same issue and can search and print relevant sections.”

“The fact that it is mobile optimised too should make it far easier for trainers and kennel hands to use whilst away from their kennels. This should likewise prove helpful for our own Stewards.”

Both amendments will be detailed in the upcoming BGB calendar and follow the 2020 licensing review and introduction of new external residential kennel inspections by NSF International.

Additionally, the GBGB will be moving the Rules of Racing entirely online onto a dedicated website, and will no longer print or distribute the regulations in a physical format. 

This has been carried out in order to ensure that greyhound racing license holders can view the amended rules regardless of their location.

“We encourage all trainers to read the Rule amendments announced today and become familiar with the new website,” Illingworth added. 

“Any trainers with questions regarding the amendments should contact their Area Stipendiary Steward.”  

The GBGB’s latest confirmation of its commitment to greyhound welfare follows the announcement of a £1.1 million relief package for the sport in March.

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