SBC News Lottstift issues influencer warnings to social media platforms 

Lottstift issues influencer warnings to social media platforms 

Lottstift, the Gambling Authority of Norway, has stated that it will take a zero-tolerance approach to social media platforms promoting online gambling streams and content.

The warning follows the regulator’s ‘serious action’ against for broadcasting several Norwegian influencers promoting online casino games, infringing on Norway’s blackout of gambling advertising.

Though promoted on Schpell.coms portal, the illegal streams were recorded on platforms such as Twitch, Kick, and YouTube.

The platforms were reminded that under Norway’s Broadcasting Act, gambling advertising is exclusively reserved for the state-owned monopolies Norsk Tipping (lottery/betting) and Rikstoto (racing).

Granted new powers by Norway’s revised Money Gambling Act, Lottstift has issued orders to Tiergarten Marketing Ltd, the company registered as the operator of, to cease its marketing activities in Norway.

A further two cease-and-desist warnings were submitted to Baris Entertainment AS and Viken Underholdning AS, who were deemed to have relationships with influencers promoting illegal gambling offers.

The infringing businesses have until February 20 to comply with the order to stop marketing unlicensed gambling activities, facing potential compulsory fines and violation fees for non-compliance.

Meanwhile, social media platforms have been ordered to stringently police their Norwegian influencer content to ensure compliance with advertising rules.

Lottstift’s Director, Monica Alisøy Kjelsnes, cited that it was clear that influencer live streams were targeting younger audiences, promoting the offers of unlicensed casinos.

Kjelsnes noted: “Schpell uses Norwegian influencers; much of their marketing takes place in Norway and is aimed at Norwegian consumers.

“We saw that many of the biggest influencers have stopped marketing illegal gambling. At the same time, there are some who are teetering on the edge of breaking the law. We will monitor and evaluate more inspections.”

In 2022, Lottstift and Medietilsynet, Norway’s Media Authority, won a definitive judgment on a long-standing challenge by Discovery Europe, who questioned the authorities remit to penalise gambling content promoted on its pan-European network of MAX, VOX, FEM and Eurosport channels. 

Subsequently in 2024, Lottstift was granted new powers by the government to implement direct IP and DNS blocking of websites infringing on Norway’s gambling laws.

The authority cites that it is aware of over 500 websites that are illegally targeting national consumers with gambling offers.

In 2024, Lottstift will launch a public awareness campaign, as six out of ten Norwegians do not know or are unsure about who is allowed to offer gambling.

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