Bet Advisor Profile – Darjio Belic – finding lower league value

darioThis week Team SBC & Bet Advisor catches up with European football tipster Darijo Belic.  Bet Advisor Senior Tipster Darjio has been one of Bet Advisor’s top performers  in 2014 by focusing on smaller leagues with better values.  Darijo  sheds light on how his strategy has achieved such positive results and yield in the past year!

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SBC:  How did you first get into sports betting ?

Darijo: When you love a sport, it is very easy to get into sports betting. I played football for a local club, after that followed all the more important competitions on television. And I’ve always tried to guess the winner of the match. At the beginning it was fun, and then I started to invest money. Of course I did not know anything about bankroll, or money management, and very quickly I lost the initial capital.

SBC: At what point did you realize that you can make some real money from sports betting?

Darijo: After I lost the initial capital, I began to explore a little more. I learnt about value, about bankroll and about money management. I read 3-4 books online , read many articles, and still the job wasn’t over. In the first year there were mistakes. I realized that betting is not just a game of numbers, but there are emotions too. When I handled  my emotions I started making my first money. It was a long process, and it wasn’t easy but finally, after two years, I was heading in the right direction.

SBC: How did you come to select football as your chosen sport?

Darijo: As I said before, I bet on football because I played for my local team and, as  kids, we always played football and followed it on TV. I know everything about it, I understand the players and understand the mentality of the players and coaches. And that helps in finding  value. And the most important reason? I just love watching football, and making money from that. If you’re not in love with what you do, you will fail.

SBC:  Are there any particular events that you look forward to throughout the year?

Darijo: I don’t have particular events, to be honest. I do not like betting on big competitions such as the World Cup, Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga etc, because in those markets, bookies do not often make  mistakes. I focus on small leagues, and then search for bookmaker’s mistakes. In most cases, it is about an injury crisis or financial crisis in some teams, Or it is about motivation, or just  that some teams have played too many games in a short period, so I bet against that team.   Bookies can make mistakes in these markets because the limits are not high and they don’t  lose too much money if they make mistakes.

SBC: What was your best ever bet?

Darijo: My best bet was when I started betting, but it was beginner’s luck. I hit a combo bet, with odds of more than 100+ but as I said, I lost that money very quickly. So now I only play singles, and every winning bet is my best bet.

SBC: What kind of factors do you evaluate before making a selection?

Darijo: Before each bet I study statistics. I look at the form team, and I look at the list of injured players. If there is nothing significant then I skip the bet and I look at the next match.  To place a bet I need at least two indicators.  After I find useful information, I look more deeply  at the pick, and start looking at matches from previous rounds to see if anything important happened. After I’ve checked all that, I place a bet.

SBC: What has been the biggest influence on your betting career?

Darijo: The biggest influence on my betting career  have been the few books that I’ve read. I’ve learnt a lot about value, and learnt how to become a Pro.  Some of the books I’ve read include: Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports and Investing (Michael Mauboussin), Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders (Jack D. Schwager) and How to Find a Black Coat in a Coal Cellar: The Truth about Sports Tipsters (Joseph Buchdahl). These are just a few examples of good books for bettors and I would certainly recommend them to followers.

SBC:  Do you have any future plans in regards to your service?

Darijo: Betting is specific, so it is hard to make long term plans. For me it is important now to continue the hard work, and try to give the best possible picks to my followers. Every day I spend a lot of time  researching  information, and I will continue in this way. We have impressive results for now, and there is no reason to change too much.

SBC: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your betting career?

Darijo: Like I said, emotions are the worst thing.  Numbers and systems are easy to learn but overcoming  emotions requires great discipline. And that is the hardest thing.  All people are different and all have different emotions. No one can  teach you,  you just need to deal with that yourself.

SBC:  Do you have a favourite team/horse that you follow regularly?

Darijo:  As I watch a lot of football in almost every top league , I have the teams who I support and have sympathy for. Liverpool in England, Dortmund in Germany, Fiorentina in Italy, Bilbao in Spain etc. But when I bet on  matches, I put emotions aside.

SBC: How do you keep calm when you hit a run of losing bets?

Darijo: I have said before about emotions and the problems that come with them, but when bad runs come, I always look at previous results and see that they are positive.  I also look at my bookie accounts with all their pluses, and I know that I am in a good way, and that temporary loss of money is not important. Or if a bad run is longer than usual, I just take a break from betting and take some time for myself.

SBC: How do you organize your bank management?

Darijo:  There is too little time to explain everything in this interview. It’s best to read some of the books that I’ve recommended as, through the hundreds of pages written about it, the situation will be clearer.

SBC:  What is the best reason you could give to anyone who was thinking about following your service?

Darijo: My results speak for themselves. If you need a professional, hardworking tipster with enough experience, and  great knowledge… so do not miss my next picks!


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SBC Special: Use the coupon code SBCNEWS and save 20% on any Bet Advisor subscription.  Enter the code in the shopping cart page. It’s valid until the end of the year.



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