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Pokerstars unveil ‘Power Up’ – Poker with a twist

Pokerstars is set to roll out its new innovative hybrid poker game ‘Power Up’ as a real money option.

It is to launch initially on the pokerstars.eu client, with the United Kingdom and rest of the world markets to follow ‘very soon,’ alongside various buy-ins of $1, $3, $7 and $15.

On appearance ‘Power Up’ looks like a typical game of Texas Hold’em, played in a three person sit-and-go format with a flop, turn and river to follow should the action get that far.

Traditional strategy, however, will be turned on its head through the introduction of some unique features.

Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at The Stars Group, told the Pokerstars Blog:  “Since the game’s inception, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment, and it’s finally here.

“The team have worked incredibly hard to produce a brand new game which, by utilizing our custom engine, delivers incredible mechanics and an engaging universe.

“We are immensely proud of this major innovation to poker and we hope our players love it as much as we do.”

‘Power Up’ begins by allowing players to become one of a number of futuristic characters, all of whom have their own unique back story, personality and ways of thinking about things.

When starting a tournament the next feature of Pokerstars new game becomes apparent, as the two hole cards in a player’s hand will be accompanied by three ‘powers.’  

These special powers can play an integral part of any hand due to the wide ranging effects that can turn a game instantly, they include board manipulation, the ability to upgrade hole cards and intelligence on upcoming cards or an opponent’s hand.

Upon tournament commencement each player will also have an energy level of ten, which will be depleted as power cards are used.

Two energy points will be added at the start of each hand, up to a maximum of fifteen, while a new power card will be awarded at the end of each hand in which they are used – ensuring players always begin with three.

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