SBC News Silvia Almeida: bringing Clever Advertising’s expertise to the Canadian market

Silvia Almeida: bringing Clever Advertising’s expertise to the Canadian market

Clever Advertising has already established itself as a global leader in the media buying space. But one country that has found itself high on Clever Advertising’s agenda for 2023 is the regulated Canadian market.

Ahead of this week’s Canadian Gaming Summit, Chief Media Officer Silvia Almeida tells us about Clever Advertising’s presence in Ontario and the importance of geolocation when bringing a stand-out media buying offering to partners across North America. 

SBC: In many of the interviews we’ve conducted with Clever Advertising, it’s very apparent that compliance is the number one priority. In your role as Chief Media Officer, can you tell us about Clever’s commitment to compliance and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements in the Canadian market?

SA: Certainly. At Clever Advertising, we place a great priority on compliance and make sure that we follow all applicable laws and regulatory requirements of each market we operate in, including the Canadian market. 

We understand the importance of maintaining integrity and upholding the rules and regulations that govern the advertising and igaming markets. This commitment allows us to provide a trustworthy and responsible service to our clients and partners. 

SBC: We all know that Clever Advertising has established itself as a leading force for media buying! Could you elaborate on the ways you’re setting yourself out from the competition within this space?

SA: Absolutely. Media Buying is one of our key competencies and is our flagship service, although we outperform with other services like our influencers marketing content division, BOLD. Our meticulous and manual method of source selection is what makes us unique. 

We carefully choose our media sources to make sure they support the goals of our clients while abiding by the rules of responsible gaming. This guarantees that our advertising initiatives are ethically sound, legal, and effective. We can give our clients and partners a higher level of certainty and confidence in their marketing efforts by upholding a strict and transparent selection process.

SBC: Technology has played a major role in Clever’s development over the last few years – how do you take a sophisticated approach to geotargeting when it comes to working in certain Canadian provinces? And how does this benefit your clients in terms of delivery standards?

SA: Our capacity to offer geotargeting capabilities, particularly at the level of Canadian provinces, is critically dependent on our level of technical expertise. This accuracy enables us to provide adverts that are highly targeted and reach the intended audience in particular areas. 

The effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns can be increased by utilising this capability to make sure that their advertisements are viewed by the appropriate audiences in the appropriate settings. Additionally, it enables us to execute services at a better calibre, improving our clients’ performance.

SBC: How does your partnership with regulated businesses operating in the Canadian market help secure brand visibility and acquisition for the iGaming operators?

SA: Effective advertising is crucial to the success of regulated companies doing business in Canada. We can give our clients’ brands significant visibility thanks to our broad reach and display capabilities. We can help igaming operators establish a strong market presence so they can improve their acquisition strategies and increase market share. 

We assist with their growth while preserving the integrity of their brands thanks to our knowledge of compliance, responsible gaming, and targeted advertising. When it comes to iGaming companies trying to succeed in the Canadian market, Clever Advertising is an invaluable resource.

I can confidently state that Clever Advertising is a beneficial acquisition partner in the Canadian market due to its dedication to compliance, careful media selection, technical expertise, and excellent partnerships.

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