SBC News Liliana Almeida: Clever Advertising is ‘going for BOLD’ with content production

Liliana Almeida: Clever Advertising is ‘going for BOLD’ with content production

Content production is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy – for igaming operators, you need to have the right messaging to ensure that your audience is engaged with your products. This is where Clever Advertising comes in. 

With a stronghold in both Europe and Latin America, Clever Advertising has become synonymous with scaling igaming operators’ reach to new heights via its BOLD content production division. 

In a chat with SBC ahead of this week’s CasinoBeats Summit, we sat down with Liliana Almeida to discuss the ways gambling operators can get BOLD about content production, and how this can help drive growth in the long run.

SBC: So can you begin by telling us about BOLD – what is it and how is it enabling your partners to scale up their affiliate networks?

LA: BOLD is the content production division of Clever Advertising that offers unrivalled solutions designed to acquire new customers for casino operators and providers.

The division offers premium services developed especially for casino operators and suppliers. It has been securing its place as a dominant force in the LATAM and EUROPEAN markets by leveraging a vast network of digital content producers across well-known platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Meta.

BOLD recognises the unique challenges iGaming operators face and seeks to support them in growing their customer base through an affiliate model. BOLD provides that companies gain maximum exposure to their target audience by tapping into the skills of their varied network of content producers, leading to increased customer acquisition and heightened brand visibility.

With the powerful Bold Week, Clever Advertising is prepared to improve the ways that iGaming brands interact with their target market.

SBC: You mentioned Bold Week there, what does this entail?

LA: Bold Week is a week-long high-impact branding and acquisition initiative. A single brand is magnified across up to 50 influential streamers and more than 100 exciting pieces of content over a week-long custom promotion called Bold Week, expanding its reach across two continents.

Bold Week is an incredible opportunity for brands to leave a lasting impression on their audience and serves as an example of Clever Advertising’s dedication to high-impact branding and reach. BOLD has raised the bar for promotional campaigns, spanning multiple continents and captivating audiences across diverse channels.

SBC: Can you walk us through the ways that BOLD helps your partners to drive both engagement and conversions? How does this fit into the Clever Advertising portfolio? 

LA:  The carefully chosen content pieces and effective distribution are the secrets to Bold Week’s success. The BOLD team makes sure that every piece of content, from captivating gameplay videos to entertaining live broadcasts, flawlessly reflects the brand’s message and captivates the target audience. 

Casino operators and service providers can experience an unrivaled spike in consumer engagement by utilizing the strength of BOLD’s extensive network, which eventually boosts conversions and long-term success.

By engaging with BOLD, operators and providers can unlock new avenues for growth, establish a dominant presence in the market, and tap into the vast potential of their target audience.

SBC: That sounds like a remarkable initiative. Now, let’s touch upon compliance, an essential aspect of the iGaming industry. How does BOLD ensure compliance in its content production and promotion?

LA: At BOLD, we place a high priority on compliance. We are aware of the importance of age restrictions and responsible gaming habits. We put strong safeguards, such as methods for age verification, to guarantee audience legality. We also prominently display legal warnings throughout our content to reinforce responsible gambling behaviour.

Regarding content creators, we certify and collaborate with those who follow tight rules. Our content creators use real money when they play, which ensures authenticity and integrity. This dedication to vetted content creators promotes openness and trust among our clients and audience.

SBC: And one final question. In previous interviews, Clever Advertising has hinted at some big plans for 2023 – without giving too much away, can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from Clever and BOLD? And what can we expect to see from Clever at this week’s CasinoBeats Summit?

LA: Effective brand marketing and advertising are crucial in the always-changing world of igaming. Casino operators and suppliers always seek fresh and creative ways to attract new clients and establish their position in a highly competitive market. Clever is keen to supply unique solutions and valuable results. As for CasinoBeats Summit, we expect to bring back essential findings and learnings that SBC events are renowned for delivering and top-class networking. 

As the summit approaches, industry professionals are invited to connect with Clever Advertising and explore the immense potential that BOLD brings. 

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