SBC News Nick Hill - EveryMatrix - Right Direction: The importance of effective API development

Nick Hill – EveryMatrix – Right Direction: The importance of effective API development

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Nick Hill – EveryMatrix

Nick Hill – Sales & Marketing Director at EveryMatrix, details to SBC readers the development and launch of his company’s new Web API Technology a major release for 2016.

As industry operators seek greater flexibility, deeper intelligence and further data competencies Hill details why EveryMatrix has focused on continued intelligent API development to meet client demands for a more demanding end-user.


SBC: Why have suppliers moved away from continued API innovation and development, which may benefit operator’s effectiveness and operations?

NH: First of all, we are not at all convinced there is a move away from API innovation and development.

Though we acknowledge there are some large iGaming suppliers that prefer to deliver pre-defined template-based platforms to their clients, we believe there is a growing tendency in the industry to offer customized solutions and tailor-made products to gambling operators.

We have to understand that most sports and casino operators want to leave their mark on their product offering and really stand out from the crowd, so to speak.

And most of them manage to do this in time by integrating various gaming products from different suppliers, so it is not only a choice but a fact that takes place in time when players ask for better games, new features and a diversified offer.

Our company is obviously interested in continuing the development of API technology and offer alternative solutions for our clients in the market. However, we do understand that placing a high focus on API development and delivering customized solutions is time consuming and demands many internal resources, even from a large iGaming supplier.

For this reason, we are aware on the challenges many platform providers meet and we believe it is normal to have companies that consider API development a high priority and others which may not.

SBC: Can you detail the development of your new WEB API, why is this such an important release for EveryMatrix services?

NH: Our company has always been driven to offer innovative products to the market. To do just that, the focus on WEB API development arrived as a normal step in responding to the multiple operators from the industry that looked to bring together and integrate various sports, casino and payment solutions.

Our main policy is to place a high focus on delivering flexible solutions that respond to our clients’ needs, while we deploy important efforts to continue developing a new platform that will permit easy integration of APIs from multiple content suppliers and additional 3rd party software applications.

EveryMatrix has launched many gaming websites over the last 12 months, where a high number of APIs have been integrated successfully in our clients’ platforms to allow them envision their own front end and control the final user experience by employing just HTML and JavaScript technologies.

SBC: Coming into 2016, we are seeing operators place a higher emphasis on intelligence and independence, how does this API protocol help operators achieve these sought after factors? 

NH: Every client is different and every operator wants to stand out. EveryMatrix, as a platform provider, is on a constant quest to respond to their demands and requirements from new and established operators, while allowing them to deliver unique products under their own identity.

Consequently, two of our most sought after driving priorities is to offer each operator a high degree of independence and control over intelligence data.

When we talk about intelligence, we recognize the operators’ need to control the final look and feel of their gambling websites and our gaming platform has been continually improved to display diverse gaming content based on players’ geographical location and betting behaviour, specific gaming updates or sports information, and further customization triggered by players’ actions.

If we refer to most operators’ need for independence, we understand that by working on a monolithic platform, as it is usually delivered by most large software providers, operators don’t have much room for improvements and innovation.

For instance, by employing such a fixed platform, operators may not be able to integrate certain casino games or live sports content from a number of vendors and may not be able to bring massive changes to their gaming website.

That’s why, we consider our present approach to Web API development as singular and we believe that by offering gaming content through Web API technology is probably the single reliable method to create a unique gambling website.

 SBC: As operators place a higher emphasis on seamless integration and data transfer between devices, how has this challenged the development and implementation of API technologies across multiple platforms?

NH: We have noticed indeed that operators are now placing a higher emphasis on seamless integration and data transfer between devices, so we are doing our best to respond to the growing demand in the industry to deliver desktop and mobile gaming content.

For this reason, we have recently opened a new development office in Vietnam, which is already working on JavaScript frontend technologies, such as React JS, Redux, SASS and NodeJS to develop web components that will create the best gaming websites, while accelerating our clients’ integration cycles.

The new API technologies are able to serve content across multiple platforms, including mobile applications, which is one of the main capabilities that can be taken advantage of in order to create gaming applications for mobile platforms.

EveryMatrix works to deliver not only better products that enhance scalability and user experience, but deploys massive efforts to respond to gamblers’ requests for cross-device solutions. By using our APIs, operators gain access to advanced technologies that can be used to deliver better user interface, higher speed and greater security.

 SBC: How do you see API structures, strategies and protocols developing for the industry in the coming years? What key components should operators be focusing on?

NH: It is difficult to predict how the API protocols will develop in the online gambling industry in the following years.

However, by analyzing the present tendency, we can say that the focus placed by software providers on Web API development will only increase to deliver flexible solutions that can integrate with various software products and 3rd party applications.

We know that choosing the best gaming platform is not an easy task for new operators and without bias, we simply recommend operators to always choose established companies in the industry that have already proven their abilities and preserved a flexible approach in the relationship with their clients.

In the end, we would like to emphasize the fact that operators should concentrate on how to reach the targeted markets by deploying marketing campaigns that take into account that particular market’s conditions and find the best possible ways to create unique gambling websites.


Nick Hill – EveryMatrix –Sales & Marketing Director

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