Shay Segev – GVC Holdings – The Multi-Channel Race

segevHaving recently been appointed GVC Holdings’ Chief Operating Officer, Shay Segev will be in charge of integrating and driving strategy for the merged enterprise of GVC assets and Entertainment, one of the  industry’s largest projects.

A leading industry figurehead on multi-channel strategies and new device integration, Shay Segev spoke to  SBC at ICE 2016, shedding insight on betting operator and supplier ongoing focuses on creating multi-channel assets.

Segev a former Playtech CSO, tells SBC readers that industry stakeholders have significant opportunities to grow and gain ground on rivals as sector multi-channel competencies are still relatively undefined and


SBC: Hi Shay, great to interview you. You have discussed industry multi-channel strategies and implementation at ICE 2016. In your opinion how is the industry developing new multi-channel capabilities entering 2016?

Shay Segev: In my opinion 2016 will see many advancements within the multi-channel sphere, with the industry beginning to grasp a real understanding of convergence between channels. What we will truly start to see is offline and land-based activity starting to be driven by technological capabilities. This will ultimately consolidate retail offerings into an interactive driven environment, and drive larger player bases. We are already starting to see the creation of seamless experiences, alongside true engagement, which will essentially enhance all player journeys.

SBC: As an industry strategist do you feel that multi-channel capabilities and their opportunities are fully understood by operators and their suppliers?

SS: All of those in the industry are still learning when it comes to multi-channel. Many operators and suppliers have made notable successes, such as Coral Connect, but as innovations develop, this will continue to be a learning exercise for all parties. There are notable gaps across the spectrum currently and there is no one solution that provides full convergence across all touch points.

SBC: Assessing igaming operators convoluted value chain, what do you feel is the biggest obstacle in creating effective multi-channel processes?  

SS: Technology. Connecting existing technologies, driven by legacy relationships, with new interactive innovations is the biggest obstacle that all multi-channel operators will face.  Retailers in particular run multiple technologies in their venues, and there is a notable challenge to bring the current experience into a real-time player journey, with sophisticated tools, without requiring a full product overhaul.

SBC: With more operators beginning to undertake multi-channel strategies, how do you create a balanced framework, which services all the operators’ product needs and services?

SS: Operators need to always think of what benefits their customers and what impacts their bottom line. A multi-channel strategy is the driving force towards all of these, so the balanced framework has to be developed around that. Ultimately, operators that position their products and services around a customer centric approach, will be the most interesting to keep an eye on.

SBC: Looking at new technologies entering the market, in your opinion which device will have the biggest impact on Multi-channel processes and cross capabilities?

SS: Multi-channel has been a key industry buzz word for many years now. Yet, until recently, we have yet to see that gap between online and offline truly diminish. Now that mobile growth indicates the true channel of player preference, that gap has finally been bridged. Mobile is the key tool for multi-channel, and most importantly, acts as the omni-channel lever. Players who were once defined by channel as retail only, now use mobile.


Shay Segev – Chief Operating Officer – GVC Holdings


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