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Melbet.Partners: igaming is finding a home in sunny Cyprus

One of the biggest decisions a business can make before even considering a product launch is where to base itself. Establishing a base determines the level of access to talent a business can attract as well as have implications on taxation and wider economic factors. 

While igaming has found several global hubs such as Malta and Gibraltar, a nation that is becoming increasingly popular in the industry is Cyprus. The Mediterranean island is a popular tourist destination but is making waves in igaming owing to several benefits it offers. 

Melbet.Partners, the affiliate program of the online operator Melbet, has established itself in Cyprus recently as it seeks to become a bigger player in the space. Here, in a chat with SBC News, Melbet.Partners explains why it chose to set up shop on the island and discusses why Cyprus could be a new hub for the industry.

SBC News: What makes Cyprus such an ideal jurisdiction for an online gaming business in 2024? 

MelBet.Partners: For the online gambling business, Cyprus’ jurisdiction is attractive for several reasons. Certainly, tax conditions, progressive legislation and a stable political and economic environment ensure constant and steady companies’ development. But another important factor is a strong professional community, both in creating igaming products and promoting them.

Cyprus has been through a lot of turmoil in the past; but now, the local authorities are doing their best for the economic prosperity of the country, fully supporting businesses that are ready to relocate to the island. Nowadays, Cyprus is an excellent location for various industries, including igaming.

What are the main benefits of being based in Cyprus for Melbet.Partners and your affiliate program? 

The main advantages of being based in Cyprus for Melbet.Partners include access to international markets, favourable tax rates, and the ability to operate in a regulated and stable environment. In addition, Cyprus’ geographical location provides convenient transportation links to Europe, Asia, and Africa, allowing for rapid interaction with partners worldwide.

In recent years, a large number of specialists with extensive experience in igaming have moved to Cyprus. Consequently, the island now has a wide range of specialists that can be attracted to the company development.

There are plenty of gaming affiliates who are now finding a base in Cyprus. Does running your affiliate partner network so close to your partners make for a more positive partnership experience? 

Undoubtedly, managing a partner network close to our partners fosters more intimate and productive collaboration. This allows us to respond more quickly to our partners’ requests and needs, hold regular meetings and events, and build mutual trust and understanding.

It is worth mentioning once again the strong community of versatile specialists that the company needs for successful development. Its presence enables the company to grow by hiring the best talent, staying current with industry trends, and understanding market dynamics.

It is also important to note that the partner market in igaming is largely determined by stable personal relationships between partners. The geography and transportation infrastructure of Cyprus allows for many face-to-face meetings.

Furthermore, the widespread use of English, the language of international communication, facilitates both the accommodation of professionals relocated by the company to the island and the recruitment of new specialists.

What are the main benefits of joining the Melbet.Partners program and what can you offer your partners? 

Our affiliate program has a low entry threshold for both experienced affiliate marketing players and beginners. We provide training opportunities, promotional materials and professional support at all stages. 

We should also emphasise our platform, which we developed based on webmasters’ needs for information and reports that enable them to quickly adjust their campaigns.

We support experienced webmasters and companies by offering them favourable partnership conditions, convenient commission withdrawal, different types of cooperation, and open exchange of information. 

MelBet is a product known for its strong and consistent conversion rates, continuous development, and global recognition among players. MelBet sponsors many sports teams, such as Juventus in the Middle East regions and MENA. The B2C brand also works hard to popularise the name by advertising on the most iconic competitions in the regions where it operates, such as La Liga, Serie A, etc. 

Our product has won several awards, one of the latest being AffPapa, which recognised MelBet Live Casino of the Year. A good product is easier to sell and more likely to be bought.

Do you see Cyprus growing into a behemoth online gambling base for both operators and affiliates in a similar fashion to Malta and Gibraltar?

Yes, Cyprus has all the prerequisites to become a leading base for online gambling, similar to Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao. Favourable legislation, economic stability, and business environment make Cyprus attractive for operators, developers, and affiliates who operate in the iGaming market. We anticipate Cyprus becoming an even more significant hub for the online gambling industry in the coming years, and we are closely monitoring the country’s developments.

What are Melbet.Partners biggest plans for the next 12 months and what are you looking for from your partners?

Over the next 12 months, we plan to expand into new markets, improve our technology platform, and launch new promos and bonuses to attract customers. We are working on the exclusivity of our products, which is proven by the awards the company has received in the last few months.

We are increasing our presence at professional conferences and focusing more on engagement with partners and players. We also plan to grow and expand our affiliate program, and we welcome all new partners, whether they are experienced players in the affiliate industry or newcomers.

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