The importance of dynamic bonuses based on real-time data

Standard bonuses in the iGaming industry can be used effectively for quick short-term player engagement and retention, but not as a long-term strategy with the same bonuses for all players, writes Solitics CEO and Founder Tomer Baumel (pictured above).

The importance of customer experience has never been more crucial, especially as the industry becomes increasingly crowded. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that use an outdated method of simply giving everyone the same bonus across the board or based on general segmentation and hoping for the best. 

Some do rely on data to generate bonuses, but due to technological limitations that data is limited to specific parameters and not all of the data is about the players and their activity. 

Today’s age of data opens doors to creating automated personalised experiences that combine targeted and personalised bonusing strategies which give each player a better experience to keep them coming back. Solitics enables operators to use that data to create dynamic, personalised bonuses based on real-time data. 

Our data management and automation platform connects to the operator’s data from all front-end and back-end sources and enables smart bonus creation based on real-time data. It is a must-have tool in every operator’s toolbox to improve player engagement and retention in the long term and stay ahead of the competition. 

With Solitics, operators can offer personalised bonuses that are calculated in real time based on different criteria, such as the number of games a player played, the amount of money a player lost in the last gaming session, the amount of a player’s last deposit, GGR, NGR, etc. 

Bonuses can be created based on real-time events and can be adjusted in real-time as the data changes. for things such as changes in game results, winning chances, or new sport events that are coming up or just started. By providing players with bonuses specific to their experiences, operators can significantly increase a player’s lifetime value (LTV) while providing unique and positive experiences. 

For example, high-value players could be given bonus incentives that based on their high value on their next login or deposit to keep them coming back. Players who have previously lost can be offered a new bonus that gives them another chance at getting back in the game.

Delivering the right message and bonus is critical, but it’s only one part of the equation; operators need to deliver the bonus at the right time and place. This means showing the bonus when it matters most wherever the player is more likely to see it and respond.

Solitics enables operators to offer bonuses through in-site pop ups, push notifications, WhatsApp messages, emails, and more… all in real time when it matters most.

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