Top tips from five experts on how to maximise your esports tournament experience

Bayes Esports has published its second whitepaper in cooperation with Sportradar. With informative content about ‘How to maximise your esports tournament experience,’ the Berlin-based esports data company addresses tournament organisers and everyone else interested in the growing esports industry.

Readers may learn: 

  • How to organise a tournament, decide the format, get data in order, monetise data optimally and what is important for teams
  • Why esports bettors need engagement and keeping word is so important in the industry
  • About technical leads, legal concerns, integrity and tournament organisation in China.

Bayes Esports was not only supported by Sportradar but also by partners at Lubberger & Lehment, Oddin, and WIN, who each added interesting deep dives, interviews and op-eds on the sector.

We have carefully worked through the whitepaper, available online HERE, and would like to share with you five top tips from various industry experts.

Bayes EsportsMartin Dachselt, CEO at Bayes Esports:

The value of your data is directly related to the number of spectators. The more people who watch your event, the more interesting it becomes for the media and betting industries.

So your planning should start with considering the kind of spectators you want to attract.

Who will want to watch the event? Are you targeting regional or global viewers? When will your viewership be able to watch? 

Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at

Most of the bookmakers don’t have access to an official data stream, and that means the lines are available only from time to time in order to minimise risks. Moreover, without the right set of technologies and expertise to calculate live odds in esports games, they are offering very few betting opportunities.

Having been used to other entertainment products that give them the chance to do what they want every time, millennials and Gen-Z users no longer tolerate this user experience. They like to use products that are a reflection of their personality; otherwise, they lose interest very quickly. 

Serge Vardanyan, Founder and CEO at WIN:

Work with good people who share your values, partners who work honestly and earnestly toward their goals,

And importantly partners who are interested in furthering the esports marketplace as a whole, not just their own position within it.

Promise only what you can actually deliver. And keep your word; if partners know your word has no value, that’s something that is very hard to recover.

Dr. David Weller, Senior Associate at Lubberger Lehment:

For betting providers, one thing in particular counts: reliable and complete data that is provided without delay. This is because data forms the basis of betting odds, which determine the success of a betting transaction.

To this end, betting providers conclude licence agreements with data suppliers. The source of the information determines the quality of the data. Obtaining data from unreliable sources reduces the attractiveness of the betting offer and carries the risk of manipulation.

Andy Cunningham, Head of Integrity at Sportradar:

Take integrity seriously! Otherwise, there is a large potential of great financial loss.

Leagues or event organisers may lose revenue, as sponsors choose to distance themselves from any type of scandal; gaming regulators may employ enhanced scrutiny or disallow bookmakers from offering the events altogether. In turn, these outcomes can devalue sports and esports properties. There are similar reputational risks.

Players may not want to participate in a competition that is perceived as corrupt or fraudulent, as it can affect their careers and potential earnings. Likewise, fans may decide to stop following and watching sports and esports competitions if they perceive such events as lacking credibility or fairness.

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