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Simon Noy, Kambi: Revolutionising the bet builder

There can be no doubt that the goal of putting the consumer in control drives much of the modern landscape in multimedia entertainment.

Providing a service which allows for a genuinely on-demand experience has become a priority in any number of industries competing for customer leisure spend, with the likes of film, sports broadcasting and music all noticeably influenced by this aspiration. 

Quite obviously then, giving bettors the ability to drive their own experience is a trend which sports betting must continue to embrace, writes Kambi’s Head of Trading Simon Noy (pictured above).

He outlines how, from its loose early conception in the form of request a bet, a powerful integrated bet builder has become a crucial element any forward-thinking sportsbook must prioritise. 

Now a vital component in the sports betting ecosystem, bet builder has markedly boosted the power of operators to allow players to drive their own experience. However, that is not to say it has been deployed everywhere entirely free of hiccups and limitations. Many bet builders still suffer from either clunky user interfaces or a lack of key features, such as in-play and cash-out. 

While players now expect some ability to construct their own bets from their chosen operator, attempting to harness its full potential without careful consideration of the depth of features required or how to facilitate a smooth player journey is unlikely to lead to long-term player retention. 

Expanding the scope

Recognising the potential that constructing this technology in-house would unlock, Kambi developed its bet builder into the core of its platform rather than choosing the shortcut of sourcing the technology from a third-party. This extensive development work has left Kambi uniquely positioned to launch the next step in the technology’s growth. 

The Kambi Multi Builder represents the next phase in the evolution of bet builder technology. Offered by no other sports betting provider, it removes the barriers which exist in combining bets across events, giving players the opportunity to combine several in event combinations across multiple events and sports into a single bet for the first time.

To provide an example of the product in action:

  • Player combines a match winner and over/under points in a basketball game
  • Adds a Bet Builder combination in a football match
  • Adds a Bet Builder in an ice hockey match
  • Places the Multi Builder bet in in just one click

The technology exponentially increases the size of the menu, offering odds on demand and lifting the limitations on player freedom to a far greater extent than the traditional bet builder.

Kambi’s user interface prioritises a smooth experience and ease of use, requiring a mere six clicks to place a four outcome Multi Builder across two events. 

The uptake of the product has been impressive and immediate. Within just three weeks of its 2019 launch, more than 50% of all in-event combinations placed on the Kambi network were Multi Builders, underlining the ease with which players have taken to the innovation. 

Taking the period following the return of the Premier League, 68% of all bet builders placed across the Kambi network have been Multi Builders, highlighting the ease at which bettors are able to add additional selections to their betslip, as well as the appetite for unique bet creation. 

While all of this functionality is deployed in such a way as to be quickly and easily accessible to the bettor, the complexity under the hood required to do so with zero friction shouldn’t be underestimated, underlining the importance of having a strong sportsbook core to meet the needs of the modern player. 

Expertise in both proprietary pricing and risk is crucial to offering the bettor an excellent experience. Delivery in these areas are central to Kambi’s ability to offer odds on demand with greater availability and accuracy, ensuring confidence in odds and the management of risk for our partners. 

Although the Multi Builder provides a new level of freedom to bettors seeking to build new unique bets with unlimited possibilities, the value in not overwhelming players seeking a more curated experience was important to recognise. 

It is with this in mind that Kambi recently launched accessible pre-packs across our online and retail offering, which allow easy access to popular in-event combinations with a clearly visible price and organised by default from shortest to longest odds. 

Providing a huge boost to player convenience, Kambi sportsbook players can move between pre-packaged combinations and the bet builder tab to complement the pre-pack with other combinable outcomes.

Put simply, the Kambi Multi Builder has unlocked endless possibilities for the bettor while at the same time facilitating a more curated journey to less familiar players – thereby delivering an altogether superior and smoother experience suited to every category of bettor.

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